Why We Chose an Ikea Kitchen

So, let me tell you a little something about my neighbor.  She’s an architect.  A Hah-Vahd educated architect. And her house is AH. MA. ZING. Anyway, beyond being a great architect,  Lauren has been a great sounding board through this whole process. Though she probably rues the day when that bathroom flooded. Poor woman. Too much wine has been poured over this damn kitchen. I am sure at this point, she wishes for something a little stronger.

Anyway, because I’m a full on stalker, I invited myself over to Lauren’s house early and often while we waited out painters and other contractors when we first moved. When I first saw her great room and kitchen, I was floored. Totally something out of a magazine. I went through it all: Oh, I love your carrara marble. Oh, I love these handscraped wood floors!  I love the laquered cabinets! So modern and clean!  I felt like she and I would get along just fine. Especially when I noticed her fully stocked wine fridges. Yes, multiple. As I ogled and molested every surface available, imagine my surprise when she informed me her cabinets were Ikea. SOUL SISTER. I just about died on the spot.

So in the back of my mind, I always had an inkling we would go with Ikea cabinets during this renovation. However, due to our low ceilings and crazy layout issues, and since insurance covered replacing our custom cabinetry, we headed in that direction.

Until I realized that in this case, custom is not better. It’s just expensive as _____.

I wanted drawers, not cabinets. Open shelving. Frameless fronts. Pull outs. Soft-close drawers. Shelf dividers. A warranty. I wanted a custom look with my own ideas incorporated. Silly me.

What I got was a replacement for a 25 year old kitchen. Which means no drawers, but cabinets. And more cabinets. And incorrect placement of cabinets. The most basic framed door and drawer fronts available. 6 week lead times. And additional costs over and above our estimate. Crazy pants.

I do not recommend renovating a kitchen with two small kids. Moreover, I do not recommend extending that timeline to get “custom” cabinetry that doesn’t meet your needs or wants.

So back to Ikea we go.

Equipped with my measurements gleaned from my kitchen designer’s faulty plan, I simply plugged them into Ikea’s planning tool and started moving around cabinets and shelves until I got the plan I wanted. And even when I had that, I still played around. I had about 12 saved floor plans. Any configuration I could think of, I tried. So much fun. So much timesuck. Ikea kitchen planner surpassed Pinterest and Houzz as the biggest timewaster of my life.

ikea kitchen reno picmonkey

I was beyond thrilled that when I tallied up my loot, which included new appliances, I had saved us the equivalent of compact car. Beyond that, Ikea is running their kitchen sale until August 25th, so 20% off for meeeee! Cha ching.

True to my nature, I did a ton of research before and during the decision making process, right up until I hauled myself to Ikea and placed the order (which, even with my advanced planning, took 2 hours! Don’t underestimate the allure of an Ikea kitchen.)  In addition to the advice I received from Lauren and the staff at Ikea, who, and I can’t say this enough, were extremely knowledgeable and helpful and never once rolled their eyes at me (that I could see),  I found great advice from people who own Ikea kitchens in forums like GardenWeb and Ikeafans. Seriously, those people know their kitchens. Definitely consult those if you are looking for information.

Along the way, one of the things I learned was Ikea uses Blum drawer slides that offer the soft close feature, which are superior hardware compared to other RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets and usually an upgrade on most custom designed kitchens.  All those extras I wanted? Not a problem. Certainly Ikea is not charging me $300 for a shelf. Yes. A shelf.

I also found out that there are companies out there who make custom doors for Ikea cabinet frames, so if you aren’t all that keen on Ikea’s options, you can order from sources like Cabinetnow or Semihandmade Doors for fronts of your choice.  You can easily customize your cabinetry, or “hack” it, and there are lots of tutorials for basically any modification you might want to do (though this voids the warranty on the specific piece.) Ikea offers a 25 year warranty, too, though, as Lauren pointed out, “Who even likes their kitchen after 10 years?” (God, she just gets me.) Which brings me to my next point: Kase also likes the fact that the costs are low enough that when I decide I hate the fronts I chose in five years because they are “dated”, I can pick up new fronts for a fraction of the cost and instant facelift!

Though you can easily DIY the whole shabang like Lauren and her husband, Kase and I know our limits. We lack time and attention to detail.  And tools. Like a level. I hear that’s helpful. We are not architects or handy/ uber man/ engineers.  Also? You can hire people to do it, and we like to keep the economy robust (uh-huh.)  I did some quick Google research and also consulted Ikeafans.com and found a couple of companies who specialize in Ikea kitchen installations in our area.  We are happy with our decision as we need some custom elements that we just don’t have the skills for. All said and done, the quote for installation lined up to what our cabinets and appliances came out too, so it’s definitely an area you can save money in, if you have the time to DIY.

Anyway, if it’s good enough for Sarah Richardson, it’s definitely good enough for me. 🙂 I got a ton of design ideas from watching old episodes of “Sarah’s House” and “Sarah 101”- ideas like flanking your  cooktop with undercounter wall ovens, to achieve that open, airy look. Sarah often uses Ikea cabinetry and decor, mixing it with high end finishes to make it custom. And yes, I am on a first name basis with her. In my head, we are besties who travel to Ikea every weekend with an unlimited budget and no children.

Ikea for the win.


Wanna see my new kitchen?

As he cleaned out the garage yesterday, Kase asked me, “Is today like your Christmas?”

And I answered, “HELL YEAH!”



It’s here!

My new kitchen is here!


Oh. Wait.



Yup, that’s 115 boxes of flat packed goodness. No, really. That’s not a joke. There’s two ovens in there somewhere, and a dishwasher. They aren’t flat packed, but if Ikea could, I’m sure they would flat pack their appliances as well.   It took the delivery men 30 minutes to unload the truck. They started off by asking me, “You got 115 boxes?” Like I would know. Oh, right. I have the kitchen manifest, but seriously? I have no clue. I figure we should be able to MacGuyver some sort of functional kitchen out of all that MDF. Right?

Let’s Eat! [New Kitchen Moodboard]

It’s no secret. I like to eat. In fact, most of my day, when not changing diapers or driving back and forth to our new house, is consumed with thoughts about what I am going to eat next. I’d blame the baby, but truth be told, I was like this well before I was knocked up. Except now, it’s worse.

Speaking of eating, our new kitchen looks like this:

Well, it looked like that, with the old owner’s things in it. Including that lantern. Wowzas. I’m tallying votes on the lantern. So far, I have my mother in law in my corner for getting rid of it. She even told me where to bring it to sell it. And she has an appreciation for antiques. But even she said to toss it. You can vote too. You’re like family. Most of you probably *are* family, actually. Thanks for reading. So what about that lantern?

For now, we definitely need a kitchen table. Currently, we have one dining table, and it’s too big for that space, and besides, we actually have a dining room to furnish. Who woulda thunk?  So I’m looking for a cheap round table to fill the space. And while I’m at it, I picked out some other pieces to go with it.

Chairs/ Rug/ Pendant/ Black Table/ White Table/ Oak Table

Most of the items above come from Overstock. I have a good history with them. We bought our drum pendants in our old condo through them, which were a decent Jonathan Adler knockoff, and you can’t beat their prices, usually. I already have the runner version of the rug, and it matches the space nicely, tying in the granite with the wall color, so I wouldn’t mind getting one for the tiny dining nook as well. Emily ordered the chairs already, so I have seen them in real life photos, and I likey. All silver and industrial-like.

Now, my question is: Which table?  I kinda like all three. We’ve got the dark grey granite and a sage-y gray wall color (we decided not to paint the kitchen. Had to draw the line somewhere….). I could make an argument for all three. Of course, the black and the oak are cheaper, so there’s that. What do you think?

As Is is much better than As Was.

So I decided it was high time I went to Ikea and showed the amateur masses how it’s done.

Which brings me to our guest room. Until Sunday, our guest room beckoned to our visitors, “We love you. Hope you don’t plan on staying too long!” To that end, we had bought a bed, but nothing else. Given our guest bedroom has seen its fair share of visitors since we moved in last December, it was time to spruce things up a bit. I know this because when my parents came for a visit in May, my mom was sweet enough to purchase a brand new comforter for us, with pillows to boot. Just because. Yeah, because we didn’t have proper linens. Or anything really. I have a ton of throw pillows in every imaginable color, which you will find comes in handy, but apparently, people don’t like to sleep on throw pillows.  The point is, the room was a smathering of this and that, disjointed and yet at the same time, incredibly institutional and cold. Again, we love you, but we sincerely hope you weren’t planning on spending any real time here.

So a trip to Ikea was made. And while I have promised myself that I will never buy another piece of furniture from there, I do love Ikea for its accessories.  The plan was to buy some pillows, maybe a decorative accessory or two and maybe some frames. And trust you me, I did. And then some.

Now my general rule with Ikea is to always stop at As Is first. If you’re lucky enough, you can turn right back around and check out without having to brave the underbelly of Ikea.

Which is where I spotted this:

I’ve been coveting this rug for ages. Apparently, it’s been discontinued.  And yet, there it was, just calling to me, “It’s our last chance, mon amor!”

Colin waited patiently as I hauled it off of its rack and gently folded it in quarters. And then we sang our way to the check out with the rest of our haul. Mostly pillows of course.

The upside of my SADs is I have a little collection of “home crap” that goes unused for months at a time. For a while there, I was really into mustard yellow. And I bought throw pillows with matching throws from Pottery Barn. Go hard or go to Pottery Barn is my motto. And so when I got home from the ‘Kea, I went straight for my throw pillow/random crap linen closet and started pulling things out like a crazy woman.

Which is how we ended up here.

So here’s the deal. I saw a woman on my way through the plant section with this planter, and I thought to myself, I’ve been looking for a basket just like that! And then I realized it was a planter. But I bought it anyway. Cuz I don’t have enough baskets. Right. I’m stupid like that.

Of course, like the master, there is still more to do. I may replace the dressers for the side tables- it feels a little crowded now, but that may be because I’m used to the room being pretty bare bones. Next, we need to raid the basement and open up all those tubs of frames and pictures and start nailing stuff to the walls. I mean, why not? It’s been long enough.

A DIY kinda weekend…..

I went to Ikea. I went to Michael’s. Add two and two and you get four people.

It’s gonna be a DIY kinda weekend.

I’m gonna (hopefully) cross something off of my Pinterest board, I’m gonna use some spray paint, I may cut up a leash, I’m gonna hang some stuff, and hopefully I’m gonna get started on fixing up the despot’s room.

I might even get to go back to Ikea. Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy Friday!

As Is Comes Through Again

We took a trip to Ikea the other day and color me shocked, the “As Is” section came through again.

Sure, we had to beat out a little Latina girl named Liliana to get it first, but Colin took one for the team by throwing himself out of the stroller and falling  on top of the rocker before Liliana’s mother could get her to turn her head. Gotta start em young folks.

Share your space!

Have you guys seen this?  There is a new feature on the Ikea website where you can share your own photos of your home with your Ikea furniture. Umm, brilliant. Once I whip this place into shape, I am totally hopping on that train. I’ll let you know how it goes. But check out these real life homes with Ikea in them.



all images via

(I should note, unfortunately, I am not paid to endorse Ikea. As Bethenney might lament, I “do it for free, you dumb drag queen”.)

And lastly, in the wise words of Rihanna, “here’s to the freakin’ weekend! I’ll drink to that!”

The Look for Less [Rug Lovin’ edition]

We spent our weekend rug huntin’.  Apparently someone’s new neighbors aren’t as impressed as we are by the despot’s walking skills. And falling skills. And throwing-toys-on-the-floor-skills. They don’t have kids apparently- little miracles they are! But laying down some rugs would be helpful- for Colin!- so when he does hurdle his entire 23 pound body to the floor, he has somewhere soft to land. Obviously. So a rug huntin’ we did go.

Now, this may come as a shock to you, but we went with a neutral. And though I so badly wanted my Dash and Albert baby, at $800, he is not in the budget now. Nor does he fit my lifestyle (Colin may or may not have eaten blueberry nutrigrain bars for breakfast- see where I am going with this?) All of which is to say: Here’s what we scored at HomeGoods for 200 smackers:

(note: shelves have not been styled yet)

I go for neutrals because well, they are soothing to me and you can do a lot more SADs related decorating with neutrals than you can with a specific color scheme (in my opinion, as a SADs affected person).  And even though I love a good neutral, I also love myself a nice punchy rug. Lately, I’ve got my eye on these (all the better to hide toddler food related stains on, my dear!):



Wanna save some bucks? Try these instead:



Happy rug-huntin’!

What a girl wants…

As I pack up our living room, and look around at ALL THAT WHITE, I am dreaming of a more layered living room in our new place.  Here’s what’s on my wish list:


These footstools are from, wait for it, IKEA!  But I saw them in a Better Homes and Gardens back a few months ago- the homeowner had kids and stacked these in front of the fireplace to block it- the added benefit was that they loved to climb all over these.  We may not have a full-time walker at our house quite yet, but someone sure does love climbing on top of everything. These are not only good looking, but add texture to a room, which I think may be needed.  And I love to throw my feet up at the end of the day, so these can pull double, triple, quadruple duty. And at $29 a pop, that’s pretty good.

We all know I just have to have this rug.  Mixing modern and classic in a nice subtle color- this rug is the bomb.  And I want it. NOW.  Little did I know we would be moving and I would have the perfect canvas.


If you pulled my arm, I *suppose* I could settle for this Dash and Albert Rug, which I have been eyeing since New Orleans.  Well, actually, since before then, but when I spotted it in person, I fell in love.

And since I can’t help myself (IT’S A DISEASE!), let’s toss in some throw pillows, like this Ikat number from Pottery Barn:


or this one:


So there you have it- I want to layer in some texture, color and prints.  Gotta find the silver lining when moving, right?!

Where the despot sleeps….

Here’s the reveal- though I am not totally pleased with my photo shoots, I can’t hold out any longer.  I’ll have to take another crack at it when the spring really comes.  I am not holding my breath, though.

When we decided to move the despot into his own room (from the closet), we had to incorporate a big old piece of art- especially since we had just hung it and I was already losing sleep over the numerous nail holes left behind in the closet. We worked with what we had, and I think it turned out really well.  It’s less, “I brought home this brand new baby- isn’t he precious?” and more “Wow, this baby is starting to resemble a kid. He needs some cool stuff to look at.”  Luckily for him, we had some cool stuff, so I worked off of that theme.

Remember this?

Is that a big map in your office, or......

I knew I had to work in THE MAP as I lovingly refer to it.  Truth be told, I wasn’t thrilled it had made the long journey to Boston with us in the first place. I much preferred this guy in our old place:

But since he pretty much got our place sold single handedly, well, it still hurts to talk about.

So back to THE MAP.  I never even considered it nursery worthy, but once I started moving things around in there, that bad boy started to get me pretty psyched. Also, I never realized just how “westerly” Moscow was. Already THE MAP was paying dividends. Obvi, it had to stay.

So here it what I came up with.  Sorry the photos aren’t that great. One of these days I will learn how to use the expensive camera we own, but that manual reminds me of overpriced college text books and I get all rebellious when I look at it and think, “I don’t HAVE to read you if I don’t want to. There won’t be a quiz!” (except the quiz is like every time I use the darn thing. stupid camera)

May I present to you- Where the Despot Sleeps (Part Deux):

I’ll give you a little rundown of the room, if you like (also listed under the Sources page if you are interested in links):

We kept the map we already owned from Ikea.  I was there recently, and it’s a “NEW LOWER PRICE!” item, so you can snatch one up if you like for a cool $149.  Considering it takes up an entire wall, it’s the lazy girl’s answer to wall art.  In this scenario, I am the lazy girl.

The map over the reading chair is actually a piece of wrapping paper you can find at stationery stores like Papyrus.  It cost me $5.  I’m a big spender like that.  I framed it in a frame I already owned, but was probably from….wait for it…..Ikea.

We used the existing Ribba Picture Ledges from Ikea to display Colin’s Sharon Montrose photographs, and I picked up a box of vintage map postcards at Papyrus for $12.  There were 18 postcards in the box so not a bad deal at all if you ask me. I framed them in small frames I bought at Target, which ranged from $2.99 to $5.99.

The lamps are actually one of my favorite parts of the room.  I stopped in Bed, Bath and Overpriced and Beyond looking for a light fixture that was short enough to sit on the bookshelves and yet not cause a fire hazard to the ledges above.  This is harder than one might think. But I saw these lamps and they were in twin package for $20.  Done and done.  But when I got them home, imagine my confusion when I couldn’t find a light switch. So Kase suggested, maybe they are touch sensory lights. My response, “they were 20 dollars. I doubt that.” But like so many other times, he was right.  And the even better part?  They have three settings!  Including, wait for it, NIGHTLIGHT!  Adorable.  I love those lamps. So does the despot. We have fun making them go on and off by just touching their base. I call them the magic lamps.

The curtains are from Ikea as well, and have shades of slate blue, black and beige, which tie in nicely to the other colors in the room, especially the maps and Colin’s crib.

While I was there, I couldn’t help but pick up the “C” hook that you see above holding Colin’s Easter finery and other assorted hoodlum attire (Red Sox hat).

And then you have of course, my little piece of art- I made a small print for Colin that reads “Love makes the world go ’round” to tie it all together. I like it and it makes me smile. I have become cheesy. Deal with it.

And lest you think I went for a neutral theme nursery, which seems to get people all up in arms, fear not:

I can't tell where my pants end and my cool rug begins.

Yup, that’s the Ikea rug all good moms buy their sons.  How could I not? It’s all kinds of amazing.  That right there is his own little world. I mean, the poor kid spends about 75% of his time on the floor. And the colors are working for me. For $14.99, I would buy my son as many as he pleases.  You could treat those puppies like flor tiles. They are probably cheaper, come to think of it.

Also, he loves his new trucks. I am not entirely sure they are age appropriate, but they are awesome. If you are headed to Ikea, pick up the 3 pack- it’s 10 bucks well spent.  Now he can just tootle all around town.

So my son is now worldly.  Besides Brangelina, how many of you can tell me your six month old is worldy?  Okay, well he isn’t really. He has traveled maybe through seven states.  But he has been on a plane 12 times, so…..

But seriously, once I got started on the map/world theme, I was excited, because Kase and I have a history of traveling together to some amazing places. And we always have a story, whether it was when we flew to Spain and yet forgot to bring the address of the villa we were staying in, including the town in which it was located, or the time Kase enticed sharks to follow us while snorkeling in Costa Rica after he cut his finger on coral but was too afraid of our guide to admit it. In fact, we took a trip to Paris to ring in the New Year back in 2009.  I wasn’t feeling well, and Kase was convinced I was pregnant.  The day after we returned home, we found out he was right.

So it seems fitting that this is the room in which our little despot sleeps.  He can look quietly down on his subjects, like so:

Mom, I can't talk right now. I must stop the peasants from uprising against me. They didn't take kindly to my tithing.

Beachy Keen [the bedroom]

I’m in discussions with my parents about updating our family cottage up in Maine.  It’s located on the beach, and currently has, let’s call it, a”vintagey” appeal.  But we want to clean it up a bit- moving from “outdated “pastel paint colors and mismatched furniture to “vintage” New England beachy.  We already tackled a mood board for the living room.  Let’s move on to the bedroom.

The bedroom hosts two twin beds.  Right next to one another, natch.  They sport two rather old pink chenille bedspreads.  We are talking great and fun crewel work chenille, but paired with dusty rose walls, it’s feeling a bit dated.  My mother would like to update the paint in the room, but we have to consider a few elements.

We have a blue gray dresser in the room that would be great to play off of.  And this is the perfect chance to use my new favorite color combo: blue gray with yellow. Yes?  Hop on if you are on board, Mom!

So we will start by painting the room a nice creamy color, sound good? I’ll use this Sarah Richardson room as an inspiration photo:

Sarah Richardson Cottage Dining Room

From there, we will add in a mix of blue grays and yellows and creams, like in the photo above. Not overwhelming in terms of using color, but very complementary and beachy, no? And most importantly, very soothing and calming, which is a necessity in a bedroom.

Next, let’s pick out some new linens for the (TWIN!) beds, okay?

Pottery Barn Marion Matelasse Coverlet- $139 (twin)

And to tie in some yellow, let’s throw a nice yellow blanket along the bottom for a pop of color:

Pottery Barn Organic Essential Blanket- $59 (twin)

Perhaps for the drapes and throw pillows, we could use a fabric like this:

Waverly Bliss Silver Lining

This fabric is perfect since it ties in the gray blue of the dresser and the pops of yellow through the room.

It’s a small room, so it doesn’t need much, but I think that this is a great start!

Beachy Keen [the cottage living room]

My family has a cottage up in Maine. It was built by my great great grandparents back in the early part of the century by their own bare hands.  It’s pretty basic, but we love it.  We love it with the sea foam green walls that were painted over 50 years ago, the chenille bedspreads, and the vintage drinking glasses with Howdy Doody and Clarabell screened on them. We’re talking vintage dishware Eddie Ross would drool over.  It’s that kind of cottage by the beach.

Over the weekend, I floated the idea of sprucing things up a bit to my parents. As they will admit, it’s been a while since things there have gotten an update. I was thinking of bringing in a new rug for the main room, maybe hanging some new blinds and window treatments and replacing some of the bed linens.  And possibly spraypainting a rocking chair or two. They were thinking along the lines of painting, painting and then, maybe, could I paint? Note to self: Never offer up the possibility of free labor to parents. 😉

My mother is looking to move away from the sea foam type vintage colors and move closer to a New England beach cottage look. I will use my style maven Sarah Richardson as an inspiration. Check this out:


Sarah Richardson Design Cottage Living Room

I can work with that. I love the mix and match look going on above, which is convenient, since we will need to mix and match a bunch of hodge podge furniture.  We need to find a way to tie it all together for a cohesive look. Right now, I would say it looks more like an antique store; great pieces, but not a lot in common.

First up, let’s replace the pull out couch, a nice brown plaid number. No joke. Nothing says “Welcome to the beach!” like brown plaid, right? I’d replace it with the old standby- the Ikea Ektorp sofa bed in white:

Ikea Ektorp Pull Out Sofa in White - $649

I like to use white couches (duh!) so you can play off of it with lots of accessories. When you have a blank slate, you can play up other elements in the room. In our case, we are talking little offbeat treasures that we would love to pull into the design.

We’ll paint the room a nice cream color- nice and easy to work with. With all the different mixes of woods, wicker, etc, this gives us a little more wiggle room.  We’ll set up our Ikea couch, and then replace the rug, like so:

Dash and Albert Staffordshire Stripe Woven Rug - $364 (8x10)

Dash and Albert Tattersall Woven Rug- $364 (8x10)

We’ll spray paint the rocker from yellow to cream or white (I would love a red, personally) and replace the cushions on both the rocker and the side chair with a vintage inspired fabric that plays off the masculine blue and white stripes.  Something like this (PS- full disclosure: I’m in LOVE):

Waverly Maldives Lapis Fabric

Now let’s throw into the mix some pillows.  Maybe something like this?

Reversible Ikea Alvine Figur Pillow- $4

Ikea Ektorp Pillow- $19.99

And then, of course, we should probably replace the lace (LACE!!) window treatments that have discolored over the years.  We’ll keep it simple with white curtains from where else, Ikea. (Note: these also come in RED, which I would go for. Just think about it, Mom!

Ikea WIlma Curtains

So, there ya have it. The living room of the cottage.  Would you do red drapes? What about a red rocker? Leave your comments, so we can bulldoze my mom into exploring color!

Go with what you know (works)

Love your charm. Hate your layout.

Sorry about being MIA, but between getting friendly visits from the fire department and moving/shifting items around the house, I am feeling a bit like Sisyphus.  We are having quite the hell of a time sorting out just how to make our existing furniture work in our current abode.  I know I said it was smaller, but that’s just the half of it.  Let’s talk about the awkward floor plan (or let’s not. It reduces me to tears and stress headaches). I’ve never had to deal with such a thing.  With our condo, I walked in and knew essentially where everything would go.  We had one awkward space- the entry way.  We left it open and liked it that way.  That stinking entryway with its vast space for a stroller or two has proven to be a much underappreciated asset.

What we have now is the narrowest entry hallway ever.  And it opens into a small living space with a fireplace jutting out of one corner, a wall of windows you would be a fool to cover with furniture and a chandelier that fooled me into thinking you could both dine and live in such a small space.  Today, we finally called it quits with our dining room table and dismantled it.  It lies under our bed awaiting our next move to a larger home.  My motto with this new space: You can’t live with your furniture, and yet, you can’t live without it.  Stupid furniture. Guess you can’t have it all. Meaning a living room and a dining table.

But can you?  Kase wasn’t willing to compromise and offered up a plan that incorporates what we know best- Ikea Billy bookcases.  We plan to utilize the one full wall we have and just line those suckers up for storage. The despot has so many primary colored plastic toys, it is starting to look like a daycare over here.  I have to admit, it will be nice to have a little bit of our old home in our new place.  I know exactly how many toys I can hide in those things.

Now what to do for dining? Especially since the despot was given the go-ahead for real food? We found a drop leaf table at Crate and Barrel that should meet our dining needs and space restrictions.  Keep your fingers crossed that this solves our problems! It would be nice to eat at a table again.

PS- We couldn’t bring ourselves to drive to the world’s saddest Ikea again, so our lil Billy menagerie will be arriving in a couple of more weeks. I will be sure to post pics then.

PPS- Sorry for the lack of pics so far, but I have one helluva “Before and After” post coming soon. At least I hope…..

The happiest place on earth….or the wettest?

We are low on storage here at Boston Casa de Despot, so we took a little trip to my equivalent of Disney- Ikea, baby!  A well deserved break from the move…or so I thought.  Take a look see at our new Ikea. Sad.

"Honey, make sure to note the aisle and bin number for the tarp."

I didn't realize Ikea sold caution tape. Can we find that downstairs in the marketplace?

That’s enough to make this girl cry.  Caution tape everywhere. Womp, womp.

In fact, where there wasn’t a leak issue, there remained a lack of motivation on this particular Ikea location. Look at this:

Caution: This room is ugly.

Rooms were just cordoned off for no apparent reason. How was I to find inspiration?!  Get it together Ikea! And to think I drove in blizzard conditions for that. Jeez.

Nevertheless, we made the most of our trip and bought some dressers for the bedroom- two shorter Malms to flank the bed, and a taller Malm for the nook in our bedroom, as well as bookshelves for the officery/nurfice. Kase is busy working on assembling our new furniture, and I’ll be sure to post when everything is complete!  But in the meantime, progress is steady.  As Phil Dunphy says on Modern Family, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”.