Today, He Turned 3.


Dear Colin,

Today, you celebrated your third birthday.

You woke up, speaking in soft tones to your “doggies”- a whole gang consisting of your birthday present, which was a “fash wite fwend!!” dog, your two, no, three Ikea doggies, and your original “gog.” I am not sure what you were saying to them, but your tone was gentle and sweet.

When you caught me snooping, you flashed the biggest, sweetest smile, and greeted me with a cheerful “Hi, Mommy!”  While it may be your birthday today, that was a wonderful present.

You insisted on sitting in a puddle while Fenway took his morning walk around the yard and then refused to come inside. You threw me your best Beyonce hand wave and declared, “No Ganks!!!”  When you had had enough alone time, you asked me to come look at your “flip flops” which turned out to be your wet footprints all over the kitchen floor. “Wow! Iss cool!” That is one of your favorite phrases these days-  there are so many cool things in your little world.

While I dressed Jack you talked to him all about your new Optimus Prime transformer figurine- your “Transfighter.”  You found a pacifier on the floor and handed it over to him, ‘Here you go!”  You are a very sweet older brother.  You are quick to lend a hand and when you get a little overexcited, you are quick to apologize with a “Sowwy!”

Today, you jumped off furniture yelling “Cannonball” and “Superman!” When I reminded you we don’t jump on (or off) the furniture because you get hurt,  you quickly apologized, “Sowwy! Iss fun, mommy!”

You negotiated your nap time. At first, it was out of the question. Another “no ganks!” Then, books were required. As I asked for a kiss goodnight, you realized that perhaps a glass of water would seal the deal. And then, of course, you found an invisible injury, which required a band aid. Superman or Batman? “MatMan!!”

When you woke, you asked for “bounce house.”  You seem to think that Mommy can magically conjure large superhero bounce houses to appear in our backyard.  Most days, I wish I could.

We played blocks and puzzles. We flew your new Batman Lego helicopter and we made sure the Joker was hanging from the ladder. He fought Optimus Prime.  You had a dance party using the tunes on Jack’s bouncer and then tickled your brother. You asked for tickles. “No! No tickles!” Tickles?” I obliged.

You asked to go in the car, so we could go to school. I told you school wasn’t open yet. “Mommy open school?” Again, most days I wish I could.

Instead, you grabbed your Avengers lunch box and informed me you were off to school. “Ok. Bye!” “Oh, I’ll miss you Colin.” “Miss you!”  You shut the dining room door behind you, and then pushed right back through, “Hiiiii! What you doing, mommy?”

You “called” Daddy on the phone and had a very long conversation with him. I’m not sure what he said, but you gave him a lovely baritone voice. Very manly.

The electrician came by and you made sure to show off your new birthday presents. You are friendly to most strangers, especially with the number of contractors we have come to the house, always greeting them with a “Hi, Guys!”  Luckily, they indulge your limited but very verbose “conversational” skills.

The day over, we snuggled in your boat bed and read your new books from your birthday party. Then you read to me: “I got fifteen amals, fwendly tame, Give each one a special name. Cat name BOB!” Dog name BOB!” SimonJamesAragsFIRD!”

You kissed me goodnight, and I asked you if you like being three years old.

In your little voice, you whispered, “Yeah. Lub you mommy.”

Love you much, Colin Michael. Love you much.


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