Calling All Superheroes! [Colin Turns 3]

My little guy is about to turn 3. Sometimes I can’t believe it. Other times, I feel like he should be 21 and moving out of the house already. But for now, I have to remind myself, he will only be little once, and I need to take advantage of that time to throw him birthday parties he has no say in whatsoever.

That doesn’t mean I disregard his hobbies and affinities. And this guy? Loves himself a superhero. Naturally, this year’s birthday party had to center around Superheroes and all their accompanying greatness.  Of course, this decision was made months ago, and as mothers of toddlers know, their tastes can be fickle. I was so pleased when as of Friday afternoon, my kiddo still loved all things caped, masked and lycra’d.

First thing on Saturday, the moon bounce arrived. I thought about doing a moon bounce on a whim, and when I discovered a local company carried this beauty, I called and put it on hold. Did I mention that was three months ago? The answer to your question is no, I don’t actually have that much free time. I’m just crazy.


May I just put out my non-expert opinion that moon bounces are an absolute must for all parties going forward?  I mean, sure, I barely saw the birthday boy during the whole party, but he and his little friends loved it so much.  Also?  Any kid all hyped up on sugar will tire themselves out so badly that they are sure to hit the sack early that night. Win Win all around.

Anyway, I’m a bad blogger, but a good (ish) hostess because though I barely got any photos after setting up, I *was* dressed by the time the first guests rolled in.


Elements of a Superhero Party:

First things first. A Justice League Moon Bounce sure doesn’t hurt:


Each little guest got their own cape, made by my own two hands. Which means it was janky. But it did the job.


Since I have no functioning kitchen, I ordered in all food, save for some PB&J’s for the kids, which my mother in law helpfully made and cut with a star shaped cookie cutter.  We had “Super Heroes” (subs) and “Faster than a Speeding Bullet” finger sandwiches  and a choice of salads for the adults. I also ordered the cake topper and cupcakes from a local baker, who does amazing work.  I’ll be pretending I don’t have a working kitchen going forward when doing parties. It made prep a bit easier.

photo-79 photo-80


Though I knew the moon bounce would be a draw, I had no idea just how big of one.  In case, I had a station for each kid to “Create a Secret Identity” with a mask kit I bought at Target this past summer for $5. About halfway through the party, I managed to convince a couple of the kids to head over to the deck and make one.  Soon enough, we had a whole bunch of masked superheroes running around!



Each guest also got to choose a “Super Power”: these were candies I ordered from Oriental Trading- swirl pops, I labeled “Hypno Pops”, Rock Candy or “Red Kryptonite” and of course, a superpower ring- Ring Pops. Colin chose a green one, not knowing it was a lollipop, and called it his Green Lantern ring. He wore it the entire party.  He looked a little shocked when he saw the other guests eating their rings.



It was a great day. I’d even go so far as to call it “Super.”

Yeah, I did it.



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