Wanna see my new kitchen?

As he cleaned out the garage yesterday, Kase asked me, “Is today like your Christmas?”

And I answered, “HELL YEAH!”



It’s here!

My new kitchen is here!


Oh. Wait.



Yup, that’s 115 boxes of flat packed goodness. No, really. That’s not a joke. There’s two ovens in there somewhere, and a dishwasher. They aren’t flat packed, but if Ikea could, I’m sure they would flat pack their appliances as well.   It took the delivery men 30 minutes to unload the truck. They started off by asking me, “You got 115 boxes?” Like I would know. Oh, right. I have the kitchen manifest, but seriously? I have no clue. I figure we should be able to MacGuyver some sort of functional kitchen out of all that MDF. Right?


One thought on “Wanna see my new kitchen?

  1. It’s going to be so worth all the unpacking of those flat packed boxes! Thanks for having a flood so I can watch a kitchen renovation instead of doing one myself 🙂

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