We’ve Got Drywall, Y’all!

I never understood when people going through a renovation would complain about “the dust- all that dust!” Well, I believe we’ve officially entered that stage of the renovation, because…..THE DUST! ALL THAT DUST!

On Saturday, I finally got a spurt of energy (okay, let’s call it dog hair induced motivation) to clean the house. Part of me has given into Kase’s theory on cleaning- it’s just gonna get dirty again, so why bother? But it had gotten too bad for my OCD, so even though our entire kitchen is in boxes taking up our dining room, I decided to clean the house. Oh, I Swiffered swept. Then I wet Swiffered. Then I Swiffer dusted. Then I actually vaccuumed. I’m telling ya. I was on a roll.

And not even 20 minutes later, I wondered what was wrong with my eyesight because everything looked…..gray.

Genius over here decided to clean while drywall was being installed. Doh.

The good news is that we’ve got drywall, y’all! The kitchen is starting to resemble a real room again. And even with all those wires and open plugs, it’s not nearly as scary to walk Colin through the room to the deck. Still, he has mastered jumping from the family room to the area rug we placed down on the subfloor.  We’re adjusting!

photo-48 This wall was framed out so that we can recess our fridge. That’s 6 inches of pure counter depth fridge goodness.


You can still see remnants of our painter’s tape outline of the cabinets we’ll be installing. We decided that for storage purposes we can’t completely get rid of the right side wall cabinets, but we are doing away with uppers almost completely in the kitchen. Hopefully it will allow the room to retain that open feeling we currently have…..without any cabinets. Or floors. Or paint.

Next up, FLOORS!!!! How decadent.


One thought on “We’ve Got Drywall, Y’all!

  1. Those are the prettiest drywalled walls I’ve ever seen. And enjoy your few week break from cleaning. You don’t have to clean during a renovation, you know. I made that rule up, but it sounds like a good one.

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