Dexter? Is that you?

Here is the current state of our kitchen renovation:

photo-39It’s like a scene out of Dexter. Plastic sheeting everywhere.

It also seems as if the scope of the project keeps growing and growing. When we thought about how the floors in the butler’s pantry would be replaced, we questioned whether or not we should tackle the pantry at the same time. We have some cabinets in there, but the base cabinets were basically mice condos before we moved in. They have a ton of pipes running through them, so the shelving that is available isn’t really useful. We did take advantage of the counter space as well as the upper cabinets. However, the upper glass cabinets were like most of the shelving in this house- very short and very shallow. Again, not as useful as it could be, but charming as all get out.

When the kitchen was demolished, we started using the sink in the pantry for doing dishes. We quickly realized its non-vented plumbing was a problem.

I mean, doesn’t your sink look like this when it’s supposed to be draining? And this was after an entire bottle of Drano.


Sorry about that. Should have warned you. It’s not so bad. Mostly just formula diluted in water. But still. I finally got it down- I could wash about 6 bottles before overflowing the sink.

We had discussed replacing the old sink with a plumber when we had moved in, but he had told us it was a big job, and unless we were planning on doing a major reno, we might want to forget it for the time being, and just use the sink as little as possible. Well, here we are, doing a major reno. If we could find extra money in the budget, we agreed perhaps we should just tackle it all at once and be done with it.

And so, I worked my horrible math skills with the help of Excel and found some money to add to the scope of work. Goodbye charm……




Also? That water pipe just meandering along the floor there?  That stupid pipe was the entire reason I decided to tackle the pantry. And I thought that would be the biggest hiccup. Ha. Gotta love old houses.

The plan is to get that plumbing up to code and rebuild cabinetry in here that can house more than just teacups. We’ve decided to replace our current (almost brand new) dishwasher with an integrated paneled dishwasher in the kitchen to better match our new cabinetry, so we’ll be using our extra dishwasher in here. We got this idea from our neighbors- it seems like a luxury, but really, if you can do it, it almost becomes a necessity. If you’re lazy. Like me. For instance, it will be awesome after having dinner parties. Rather than having a whole stack of dirty dishes that don’t make the first round, we can just load em up in the pantry and wake up to clean dishes. This also appeals to the inherent lazy slob in me who hates unloading the dishwasher. It’s just like putting away laundry. Why can’t it just get done by itself? I did everything else!

In the meantime, I’ll be here, enjoying my antique clawfoot tub.


What a cliche. Let me tell you: Doing dishes  hunched over this tub is not making me want that extra dishwasher any less.

PS- I contacted a few architectural salvage shops about coming to remove and take away the old cabinets rather than having our GC take a sledgehammer to them. The cabinets were super charming and constructed really well. They couldn’t get to us in time, but recommended we have our GC take them out and they would swing by in the following week to pick them up. Well, the cabinets didn’t make it. They were installed so well they basically had to be ripped out piece by piece. However, if you’ve got an old house and special pieces you no longer have a use for, I totally suggest calling up a salvage shop.


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