What I Want For The New Kitchen

Guys, just go on ahead and get in line behind Kase. He’s the first one who is over hearing me blab on and on about the kitchen. Besides, no one cares about subfloor and insulation and drywall. Let’s just get to the good stuff already.

I’ve got a pretty moodboard. And everyone loves a moodboard. Well, maybe not my husband. Or my contractor. Both of whom roll their eyes a little too much for my liking. I just wish renovations were as simple as making up a moodboard.

So here it is, “My One Day Hopefully Soon (and please Jesus before Colin’s birthday party) Dream Kitchen”

olio kitchen design pic monkey

I’m still hemming and hawing over pretty much every aspect of this plan- the appliances, the hardware, the drawer fronts, etc. So really, this moodboard is more for me to visualize what I *think* I want, and seeing that *yes* this is pretty much what I envision. We don’t want too modern, or too country.  We’ve got an old house- I want to respect that and work it in but not get too carried away.

So we’re doing cabinets with a simple shaker frame. We’ll top it off with a nice marble countertop. And yes, I KNOW ALL ABOUT HOW SCARY MARBLE IS. I’M STILL DOING IT. Sorry. Too many contractors. Too many opinions.  Subway tile was my only choice for a backsplash and I love it paired with an oyster gray grout, which skews warmer with its taupey undertones. And if you know me, you know I love me some taupe and gray, so all bets are off when you combine the two. I’ve already bought the faucet and have an option for the sink, but may use the sink in the butler’s pantry instead. I need to find some hardware for the drawers, something similar to the pull above, but obviously larger.  I love the crystal knob and see that on the upper cabinets along the back wall.  The “wood” floor is actually a porcelain tile. I was set on matching our existing hardwood in the family room until we started using our pool and tracking water all over the exposed subfloor. Then I realized our contractor was on to something when he suggested tile. We’ll need some new dining chairs (though I have plans to do a built in bench for one side of the table) and I found these “Colin” chairs on Ballard Designs. Kismet. The pendant light is the light we currently have in the kitchen, and I think in this scenario it really works.

Mixing the old with the new, the classic with the contemporary. And by god, I think it might just work.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “What I Want For The New Kitchen

  1. Um, I think it’s amazing!!! Great job planning everything……it’s not easy getting all those details together, but you’ve done a superb job. Just hope there is still room for that wine refrigerator in the butler pantry 🙂

  2. Love. And re the porcelain “wood” floor–my mother put this in their summer house and I was really not sold until I saw it. It’s gorgeous!

  3. I am new to the party here, but we are in the permitting stages of our own (long-awaited) kitchen remodel in Pasadena, CA and our contractor is gently steering us toward tile. My husband wants hardwood as that is what the rest of the house is, but in the kitchen? We have a small house, but it is 109 years old so we want it to look nice and feel comfy and not too modern. We are not dainty people, however. We will be hard on the floor. We have a 10 year-old sporty daughter, a 100 lb dog, a cat and a back door that opens up directly from the outside into the kitchen. Lots of little leaves everywhere. What tile are you getting? Brand? Wood color? Will it look “off” if it is butted up against actual hardwood? I love everything you have done so far! : )

    • Hi Sheree! Thanks for commenting! As for the tile, we are hoping that it will be if not a perfect match (it won’t be, and we aren’t fooling ourselves), then at least visually, it won’t be as jarring as regular tile. The fact of the matter is that all of our original wood floors are in tough shape, so any new wood will look as equally “off” (at least that is what our contractor told us. In fact, we had the chance to replace the wood floor in our bathroom and we are choosing to go with a vintage inspired hexagon tile instead. New wood flooring would look equally out of place) The tile we chose is just the Marazzi Montagna Wood Porcelain tile in Gunstock at Home Depot (since it’s in stock!), but if you google Wood Porcelain Tile, it is becoming more and more prevalent- and many finishes as well. Good luck!!

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