Let the Renovations Begin!

You’ll recall on the 1st of May, our upstairs and main bathroom flooded our kitchen.

Here we are, July 10th, and I can finally say that the renovation will begin on Monday.

Too bad the demo happened two weeks ago. D’oh.

Here are some “befores”. Sadly, we never got a chance to take a real photo of the kitchen before it was ruined. It was one of the only rooms that didn’t require a before and after. I actually liked it well enough. Essentially we had a galley/ L- shape kitchen.

photo-27 photo-28

After we realized we would be demolishing the kitchen and rebuilding back from the studs, we started to think about moving things around. For one, I realized that the former owner must have been a lefty. Dishwasher to the left of the sink, prep space to the left of the stove- you get the idea. Another thing that got on my nerves was the placement of the (not counter-depth) fridge.  It jutted out and was very visible from the family room.  Colin repeatedly ran into it. (I realize that’s not saying much- he pretty much runs into everything.) You also couldn’t pass through if the fridge was opened. It pretty much acted as a gateway to the rest of the kitchen from the family room.  Lastly, and in my opinion, the worst feature: it fell right underneath where the lower ceiling and vaulted ceiling meet. That pinged my OCD bad. Again, had our bathroom not flooded, Kase and I would have just continued on our merry way, purchasing new appliances as they conked out, bumping into the fridge, not being able to pass through the kitchen if said fridge was being opened, etc. You know, just kept everything as is. Considering it was remodeled in the 90’s, the owner had chosen traditional and classic features. I’ve definitely seen worse!

Early on,I decided on a couple of things that put into motion my grand plan: Considering the amount of pasta we boil, I really need an induction stove (boils water in less than 90 seconds! The cooktop stays almost completely cool to the touch! No toddler burn victims!) and I really need to recess my fridge (No more toddler concussions!)

Voila. An idea was born.

You don’t need gas for induction cooking. Therefore, I was no longer married to the previous location of our cooktop since I didn’t need a gas line. Switching the locations of the stove and fridge solves all the problems. I could move the the new stove to the exterior wall where the fridge previously was, taking advantage of the (slightly) vaulted ceiling for a range hood. Along the other wall, we could build a false frame for the cabinets 6″ from the existing framing, which would allow for the fridge to recess the 6 inches required to achieve the counter depth appearance. I’m no good at the maths, so this was quite the triumph for me. I shall credit hours of watching HGTV for this feat. Just switching those two things would make a huge difference. So I got to floorplanning.


But first, they demo’d:


I texted Kase this photo and was all, “Huh. Look how much more open it looks without upper cabinets. The ceiling doesn’t look as menacingly decapitating. Maybe we should lose those.” He actually agreed. Good man.

And then they continued the demo:


And I texted Kase and was all, “Oh! Look at how wide the kitchen is without those side cabinets! Let’s lose those. Oh, and maybe let’s knock down that wall a little so you can see the bottom of the stairs! It will open up the space so much!!!” And he was all ”             ”  because he was at his job, doing, you know, work, and isn’t attached to his iPhone just waiting for his wife to text him incessantly about the stupid kitchen he doesn’t want to talk about anymore. Even though it hasn’t even started. Also: my texts sometimes cause budgetary concerns.

And then it looked like this. And I actually thought, “Wow. Our kitchen isn’t as small as I thought!” And then “MOLD!”

photo-22 photo-24

And then. It looked like this. For the last two weeks. Sadsies. And tetanus.

photo-31And just to remind you:


Whoa. Yeah, totally losing those side cabs. 🙂


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