Right here. Right now.

This is called a photo dump.  It’s a little cray cray around here right now. We’re potty training. We’re demolishing a kitchen. We’re installing a fence. We got a new garage door.  Oh, and I use the term “we” loosely, as Kase was away for work for part of the week. As he put it this morning, “You’ve got a lot going on here!”

Yes, we do.

Colin, Jack and I went to check out appliances for the renovation. That was fun. Kinda. Not really.



After two months, and two wrong orders, we finally had our new (automatic!) garage door installed to replace our old (sliding) barn doors. I’ll miss the character of the black barn doors, but they were in pretty bad shape and not entirely functional. Also, they were extremely poor at keeping animals out. I’ve kept them, as well as the original track, just in case I can re-use them somewhere in our house. I am loving the new automatic door with its pretty snug cottage hardware. The security factor is nice, too.



The fence guys are also here this week. Another contract that was signed over two months ago, before we knew what we had in store with the kitchen. All coming home to roost at once.



And today, the kitchen demo begins. Bye old kitchen. Hi, refrigerator in the family room.



Which means, we’ve relocated our daily activities to the playroom. Including potty training. Yay.


(rocket garland gifted to Colin by my pal, Mary. Isn’t is AWESOME?!)photo-15

So that’s where we are. Exciting, but overwhelming, too. Happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “Right here. Right now.

      • i totally know 🙂 when they finally nap sometimes im so overwhelmed with all that needs done i just freeze and then take a nap myself or waste the time watching some silly DVR show! haha 🙂

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