Summer School [Write Your Name Worksheets]


As Colin and I watched yet another episode of Fraggle Rock, I came to the conclusion that perhaps I used school as a crutch this past year. Now that school is out for summer, I better get back at it. Teaching my child, and better parenting in general, that is.

Colin and I were coloring yesterday and I decided to write out his name in block letters and let him trace it. He loved it. We said the letters together and he felt so proud when he traced his letters. He is by no means close to signing his John Hancock to anything, but it got me thinking that maybe I could make our own “worksheets” and have him practice tracing his name. Practice makes perfect!

I just opened an Excel spreadsheet, chose the Arial Bold font and then chose the outline option for my letters so that he could trace inside of them. I decided to do both upper case and lower case versions of his name, but I might also write out the alphabet in upper and lower cases as well for practice. Any other ideas for me? I’m dumb.

A quick 15 copies later, and Colin was screaming for his “Warheets! Yesssss!”

It’s a simple enough project to mock up and it amuses Colin for a solid 20.  Which around here is pretty major. Now what to do with the remaining 12 hours of my day? Any ideas?


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