End of the Year Teacher Appreciation Card

Today is Colin’s last day of school. God help me. Summer is upon us.

This is the first year Colin has gone to “school.”  And yes, I do consider it school based on the fact that there is tuition, he goes for about 15 minutes a week, and he knows one more language than I currently do. And, no, that language is not gibberish. So, let’s make that two more languages than I speak.

We love love love his school. We love his teachers and the wonderful staff there. They all know Colin by name and they *like* him, which means a lot for a parent. Especially a parent of Colin. Colin is *spirited*- he is definitely his own person- enthusiastic and wild, stubborn and very smart. They know him and all his quirks- both the good and bad.  His teachers have infinite patience with him and they have definitely made some very positive changes in him this year. Sure, some of that comes with age, but it also comes with excellent (and very very patient!) educators.

So with that being said, I was at a loss for an end of the year “gift” for his teachers.  So naturally, I googled it.  And the one thing I read over and over again was that teachers appreciate being told they are wonderful, just not with a mug that reads “World’s Greatest Teacher.”  I was tempted by the “World’s Goodest Teacher” mug, but the whole anti-mug sentiment was clear.

Considering home-made goodies, or even store bought cupcakes? Something, perhaps, like this? [God, I love Parks & Rec]

Treat Yo Self

Don’t.  I mean, yes, Treat Yo Self (always!), but don’t give baked goods. At least, that’s what I read on the internet. And everything on the internet is gospel.

No, teachers appreciate being told, literally, that they are wonderful. With words. On a card. Not a mug. Or cupcakes. No matter how rad those cupcakes are.  So Colin and I went the simple route with a personalized card made by the main man himself.

We took a little trip to Paper Source (sadsies, Shannon wasn’t with me this time) and picked up a set of enclosure cards, a pack of plain white cards, green envelopes, and a “merci” stamp and stamp pad. [Colin attends a French language pre-school, so “merci” was not only cute but appropriate.] With our supplies in hand, we got to appreciatin’!


Basically, you need paper and crayons or markers or stickers, or what have you. For those of you with preschoolers- stamps are where it’s at. Get some. Let ’em at it.

We picked up a little gift card to enclose with our note as a little something extra- it took everything in me not to attach a note: “Treat Yo Self!!”

Or whatever the equivalent is, in French. 😉


Here’s to a great summer, everyone. KIT! Friends Forever! LOL!


2 thoughts on “End of the Year Teacher Appreciation Card

  1. That’s more creative than me. I just did some of those travel mugs where you can insert your own drawing/picture, had N do some doodles on there, and threw in a STBX card. Because I am lazy. Bonus points for the thoughtful note you included. Now I feel like a schlep 🙂 as usual

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