The Look for Less [Pottery Barn Graham Chandelier Edition]

‘Sup Homies.  It’s been a minute, huh?  We are busy with end of school year shenanigans and just general family busy-ness. At least the pool is filled and functioning, Colin’s signed up for swim lessons, and we’ve got the newly installed central air up and running. In short, apologies for being out of sight, and I am sure, out of mind.

Oh, did I forget to mention our upstairs bathroom flooded our kitchen? All night long? While we slept? And this all happened the same week we were having our central AC installed? And our ADT security system? I stopped looking up when someone would walk through the door, there were that many contractors here. I also stopped looking at our bank account. Sadsies.

Longest week of my life story short,  we are in the throes of insurance adjustments and about to embark on a kitchen renovation.  Sorry.  Mah bad.


Sometimes life just gets too “too” and so blogging takes a back seat.  And the possibility of a kitchen and bathroom reno in the dead of summer with two small kids is overwhelming. When the adjuster is discussing asbestos remediation and helpfully explaining alternative housing options and a daily food budget given “you have two small kids”  and saying things like “hopefully you still have your moving boxes to pack everything up!” (nope, thanks!) you get the sweats and your heart starts racing.  Suddenly a full kitchen reno isn’t that exciting. It’s a pain in the you know what.

But, we will be fixing the bathroom. Not having a toilet or sink or FLOOR for that matter is a pain as it turns out. Who would have thought? And of course, there’s the kitchen. The floors and cabinets are considered dunzo. As you can see, the ceiling has been torn down, and for the last month, covered by a tarp. Klassy.  And so I’ve been spending and obscene and very unhealthy amount of time watching home decor shows and perusing Pinterest, trying to get ideas. Too many ideas, probably.

This past weekend, while Kase and Colin were enjoying the indoor water park during an impromptu weekend getaway, Jack and I dozed on and off, ate on and on, and somewhere in between caught the pilot episode of “Fixer Upper,”  a new show on HGTV. Yup, I know how to spend an afternoon holed up in a hotel room! Anyway, love the couple on the show, especially the wife, who I would love love love to hire to decorate my entire house. Kase even agreed. But, But! Even more, I loved the kitchen they (She-Joanna) designed. And what particularly caught my eye was the kitchen lighting:

magnolia mom chandelier

Lovely, am I right? So naturally, I must have this chandelier. It’s just a perfect mix of traditional and streamlined modern aesthetic that we love.  The one used for the show was from Shades of Light, and I’m too lazy, er, I mean, busy, to find it. But their lighting is ridikalus expensive, at least to this cheapskate, so I looked elsewhere.

First, I thought of Pottery Barn, because, well, that chandy screams, “PB”! And I was right. Enter, the Graham Chandelier:

Pottery Barn Graham Chandelier

But, But! I can always count on Overstock for an alternative:

overstock iron 5 light chandelier

Same look. $70 less. And actually, a closer match!  Even better? It’s 4″ wider in diameter, so it makes a bigger statement. Bang for your buck, I say. Hey, every penny counts in a renovation, right? That’s what Kase keeps telling me, anyway.


3 thoughts on “The Look for Less [Pottery Barn Graham Chandelier Edition]

  1. Sorry about your flood. Sucks big time. But – though stressful – fun to have new spaces to design. I love that chandelier – our new house has a bunch of ugg lighting, so I’m saving my pennies.

  2. I missed your fun posts and I’m totes sorry about your flood! The remodel will be amazing since you pretty much have the best taste ever.

  3. Does anyone have any ideas for a sconce that would go well with this chandelier? I just bought is from…Thanks so much for the tip!!!

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