The Look for Less [Black Cap-Toe Flats]

I know I’m hitting you with a lot of Looks for Less, but when you have to rejig your wardrobe and have a slight shopping addiction in addition to that, then you have to find those deals where you can. And here is another.

I was supposed to be at the mall returning items (isn’t that always how it goes?), and happened by the Payless and  the cutest pair of patent leather cap toe pumps in the display caught my eye. I don’t usually venture into Payless unless the display beckons me or I’m drunk at 2:30 in the afternoon and window shopping in New Orleans with my sister. That’s another story for another day.  Annnnnyway, lucky for me, the display pair were just my size and on sale to boot. Get in my Double City Mini, shoes!


I know. I love them, too. Turns out, these are all over the stores this season, most notably at Banana Republic. For $80. Get real, Banana. Get a job, learn the value of a dollar for chrissake and then, get real. DO YOU KNOW WE ARE IN A RECESSION?

Look For Less Cap Toe Flats

Clockwise from Top: Banana Republic/ Payless/ Yosi Samra


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