Coming up for air….

Today, I get thrown to the wolves.

The wolves in this scenario are my children. And yes, I know I chose this.

Kase returned to work today after a glorious month long paternity leave. The past month? Has been great. This next phase? Will be filled with lots of Sprout and AppleTV provided Pixar films.

We’ve adjusted to being a family of 4 pretty well. Colin, especially. When he can be bothered, that is. The things I was most worried about were non- issues. Things like Colin being aggressive towards his new brother, or just having a hard time adjusting in general. Of course, so far, no issues. It helps that we’ve been spending extra time with him, doing fun stuff like taking him bowling and going to 3D movies. That might change now that Daddy isn’t around to pal around, doing “hart” (Art), playing blocks and finding videos of rocket launches on Youtube. But for now? He’s great.

photo-646 photo-647

I didn’t know it was possible to fall even more in love with your kid. He’s becoming such a …kid.  He is still cracking me up- such a ham. Last night as I put him to bed (in his new big boy toddler bed, natch), Jack was crying downstairs.  Colin looked at me and did a spot on impression of Jack crying, saying “Baby Jack!”  Ham. The other night after dinner? He cleared his plate. Just got up from the table and cleared his plate. He looked a little lost as to where he might deposit it when he got to the kitchen, but still. Where do they learn this stuff? Bless his little heart. Makes me so happy and proud and sad at the same time. He’s really growing up. It’s probably a good thing we have a newborn to soften the blow.

Speaking of that new baby….


Jack the baby is great. He is a chill little character. Cries when he’s hungry or when you interrupt his feeding by burping him. But I’m the same way, so ….  Otherwise? He’s pretty easy. If we could just get those pesky every-two-hour feedings out of the way, we’d be golden.

We had some rough patches- I was basically, for lack of a better word, bullied into breastfeeding at the hospital and ultimately ended up getting a nasty case of mastitis on Valentine’s Day. Thanks, Jack! Such a little valentine. Mastitis? Is the worst. Maybe I’m a wimp when it comes to my boobies, but Jesus H. Christ. No. Just no. I’m not trying to join the debate on breastfeeding vs. pumping vs. formula. I’ve tried it all, so I consider myself informed. We knew going in what works for our family.  We were disappointed to have our confidence shaken by the staff at the hospital. Adding mastitis to the mix almost sent me over the edge. It took me out for a few days. And made up my mind to give it up. My boobies? As Colin might yell: “MINE!”. So formula it is.

With the switch over to formula, Jack had bouts of horrible projectile vomiting. I now understand the term projectile vomiting. Projectile is a very accurate descriptor.  We were encouraged to take him to the Emergency Room over the weekend. After 24 hours on Pedialyte, we switched over to another formula and it’s been a bit better since. He’s gaining weight and doing well, save for a recent and very bad case of baby acne. And male pattern baldness now that he is losing all his luscious baby locks.  But I read that comes from the maternal side, so I only have myself to blame.

We are desperately trying to catch up on sleep- of course, it’s been better since I stopped pumping. We love having a night nurse come every other evening. It’s been very helpful- though it makes the nights she is not here a little harder. But we’re just spoiled… 😉 I highly recommend getting a night nurse if you have the means. Not that we do, but we decided this is a short term solution to a (hopefully) short term problem. Oh, but I should say if you’re breastfeeding or pumping? Don’t bother with a nurse. You will only resent your husband as you death stare at him, peacefully snoring sleeping while pumping or feeding, and when he wakes refreshed, you might want to scratch his eyes out. MIGHT. You’ll probably settle for yelling at him. But if you formula feed, just go on and hand that baby over!  Enjoy 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. That is, until your toddler wakes you up at 2:30am, screaming “Mommy!” and you bring him into bed where he lies on top of you. But enjoy it until then.

(For those of you in the Boston area, we are using Boston Baby Nurse.  Carol, the owner is wonderful to work with, and we love love love our nurse.  In fact, we hope to keep her on during days so I can get some one on one time with Colin to do activities and stuff.)

So that’s where we are at. Well, literally speaking, we are camped out on the couch watching Toy Story 2 and eating Cheerios. Later, we go to school. But so far? I think I got this…..

But say a prayer for me anyway.


4 thoughts on “Coming up for air….

  1. My projectile vomiting as a baby is still the family joke. I’m suprised that no one ever set up a target for me to try to hit from across the room because by the sounds of it I would have been Olympic material.

    I’m happy to see an update from you, I’ve been thinking of you and your wee ones. I’d love to tell you positive things about how everything will be fine but all I have is a cat and a rabbit so what do I know? You’re awesome though so at least I’m confident in that 🙂

  2. We are about to have boy #2 here and he will also be a “Jack”
    thanks for your honesty about breastfeeding, its HARD! But, its good to know that other people out there get it 🙂 good luck and hang in there!

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