Superman to the rescue


Yes, I’m still pregnant. But besides that? I have a confession: Over the holidays, we deterred from our normal schedule. That schedule included nightly baths. We got lazy and complacent and when we asked if it was time for bubbles, we were met with a “no!” and we went with it. And getting out of that habit? Was a bad, and smelly, idea. And may have resulted in pink eye.

Now, this is only significant because Colin used to love love love bath time. Literally, he would run up the stairs when you asked if it was time for “bubbles.” Once we moved, he also got into the habit of doing “rain” – showers, in our new bathroom. We went with that, too. Some days, the kid got washed up all nice twice in a day.

But then? He just decided he hated baths. Just in time for me to be 36 weeks pregnant and not able to fight him on it. Every night. I dreaded it. And then he got pink eye and I put my foot down. He was *not* going to be that dirty kid with the pink eye. Gross. But for nights, as I wrangled him into the tub, he screamed and screamed and broke into hives, he was so upset. And being 800 months pregnant and emotional, I was at a a loss. Who wants to literally fight a two year old into a bath tub using force? Not this chick. I mean, I love getting kicked in the belly as much as the next pregnant lady, BUT. He needed a bath. He needed to like it. What the hell happened?

One night I actually asked him that. I said to my two year old, “What the hell happened!?” That is when you know you have hit a wall. I had nothing.

He scrambled out of the tub, climbed into my lap and wanted to cuddle, right there on the bathroom floor for a good ten minutes, just sniffling. We both may have cried. This couldn’t go on.

I’ve noticed lately, Colin’s been on a “Super hero!” kick. This mild interest started after Halloween, so I can only assume someone came to school dressed as a Superhero. Now? Mild interest has morphed into full blown obsession.

I love obsessions. They translate really well into “incentives.” Lay people, or people without children may call these “bribes.” Such an ugly word.  Don’t judge till you’ve been there.

So I did what any mom of a two year old expressing interest in Superheroes might do: I got him a fun Superman t shirt with detachable cape for Christmas. He wanted to wear it every day. He discovered a Batman soap dispenser at Target and decided it must be his. He loves his “badman.” Santa gave him some big boy toothbrushes for Christmas, too. Spiderman and Wolverine, I think. Loves em. And his new race car ramp set? Has a “Daddy,” also known as Superman.  The resemblance is shocking. Every night as we get dressed for bed, he asks for his super hero shirt. We’ve got a couple in rotation now- Spiderman, Superman, Batman- so we’re set. I just do laundry more often. That’s fine.

When I was cleaning out our linen cabinet while nesting, I found the Batman soap dispenser, which had somehow gotten crammed behind some other toys. I got him, along with “Daddy” and some other super hero race cars and put them near the tub. And for the second time that evening, I asked Colin to come for “bubbles.” I was met with a resounding “NO!” until he spotted them: the superheroes. And that crazy boy? Broke into a run.

And then the kid stripped himself butt naked.

Every night, and every afternoon since, if I’m being honest, Colin runs upstairs for “bubbles.” Getting dressed every day has gotten a lot easier as well with our plethora of Superhero options. We just got a Superman vest and long tee combo, and a new Spiderman soap dispenser, too. Thanks, Target Clearance Section! Today, he warmed my heart when he pulled out his bathroom stool, got his toothbrush and brushed his teeth without prompting.

Maybe he was just tired of being stinky. I don’t know. I just hope this trend continues.

Superman to the rescue.


3 thoughts on “Superman to the rescue

  1. Hilarious, Kate! Loved the “incentives” part, and also the “What the hell happened?” (been there!), but all of it gave me a good hard laugh…thanks 🙂

  2. ug, my 2 year old stopped liking baths too. Once he’s in, he likes it, but it’s a fight to get him in there. Gave him a bath last night and suddenly realized he hadn’t had a bath since the previous Sunday…mom-of-the-year. We’re back on every other night whether it’s a fight or not

    He has dry skin though, and not bathing him has been wonderful on his skin! I’ll use that as my excuse for my stinky kid

  3. Hmm it must be an age thing, just as you and mollie d my 2 year old kid…same thing. loved his daily baths then one day he just would not get in and started crying and wanting to cuddle. I thought it was just a bad night but it happened again. Now I skip every day or so (sometimes 2, tonight might be 3..oops) but it has helped his dry skin in this cold weather so Ifeel it is ok. I mean really he isn’t getting tha dirty playing in the house right? But oddly once he is finally in the bath, we then struggle to get out and tears sometimes start again. “what the hell happened?” I have no idea but I think some of it is a bedtime stall tactic. I may have to buy some fun soap. I already caved and bought Jake toothpaste. Which brings me to my next observation why do they not make kids toothpaste in mint? I don’t find berry to be a very refreshing smell. Is it just me?

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