Make Room for Baby

Kase told me I am in full on nesting mode. I’m not so sure because I thought you nested when you had energy.  Something I have been severely lacking since about week 3 of this pregnancy. I didn’t think you nested simply because your brain finally allowed those awful sweet memories from the first month flood back into your consciousness, sending you into a mild panic.  Or maybe the issue is that I am having horrible contractions, am in constant pain and can no longer fit into any of my maternity clothes. All of which means that (I hope) this baby is coming soon. It also means that I better get this house in order because soon enough? A baby disaster is about to hit it. Yay!

One thing that I never realized the first time around is just how much stuff a baby brings along with him. Stuff you never considered before: Sure, you’ve got pacifiers, wipes, bottles, etc. But beyond that? There is also the stuff you require if you’ve given birth. Basically, I had “stations” in every part of the house. All willy nilly like. I just moved stuff from place to place as I needed it. And then I would call to Kase from the bedroom and be all, “ACK! I need ______! Hurry, please!”

In the family room I had a makeshift side table with all my nursing crap scattered on top.  Since I was pumping, there was also all the pump crap  that goes along with it. If we had visitors? I got to pick it all up and bring it to my bedroom, where I just dropped it wherever worked and then spent the entire time looking for things that got left behind. Rinse. Repeat.

In the bathroom, I had all my medical necessities. Mamas know what this means: creams and pads and spray bottles and I don’t even know. I blocked it out. Just know that the top of the toilet was a little pharmacy. Not cute.

Basically, I was just a hot mess. Not organized at all. Which isn’t a huge deal when it’s just you, your partner and a tiny person. There’s no problem in yelling down the hall for your husband to bring you more nipple cream. Add a toddler and visitors sharing a bathroom and it’s better to get it under control. It makes things so much easier as well. And not as awkward. Though shouting “nipple cream” is fun. Especially in front of your dad. Try it.

The main thing? Is to have organized and usable surfaces. There never seems to be enough *room* for all that stuff. So I started with getting my stuff contained and organized, which then makes more space available. For the stuff you forgot about but desperately need. That happens more than I like to admit.

Saturday, I tackled the nursery. We still didn’t have a side table for the glider and if I nurse or even pump, I will need a table. I learned that much the first week last time. I managed to snag this awesome table at Target this past weekend and I love it. It ties in the modern lines of the nursery with the natural wood of the lamp. And it’s nice and compact, so it fits. Which is important. But it also holds my necessities, which I corralled into a cute little basket (also I think from the new cottage line at Target). And there is still space! For more crap!


When you are nursing or pumping or just rocking a little baby to sleep, I find it useful to have the following right on hand:

  • Pacifiers (if you use)
  • Water or something to drink (I got this cute water bottle at Target on clearance for $4)
  • Snacks (Welch’s Fruit Snacks were evidently my snack of choice the last time around. I found these in my pump bag)
  • Lanolin or nip cream
  • Baby Lotion
  • Breast pads
  • A blanket (on the back of the chair)

Now, the last time, this was all scattered about. This time? I’m a pro. So I got a little basket. I recommend a basket. Or tray. Or box. Whatever. Just contain the crap.

I will make a similar basket for the family room. Or use a covered box of some sort since we’ve got a toddler who has. to. touch. everything. And then dump it out. The important thing is to have everything at hand, but contained as well. And to avoid climbing stairs. Can’t stress that enough. AVOID THE STAIRS.  And hey, if you or your husband need to pick it all up and take it to the playroom? All the better. I’ve got diaper stations around the whole house, and that system seems to be working, so we’ll just do it for the new baby as well. Live, learn and all that jazz.

The other area I remember needing some organization and clutter control was the bathroom. So on Sunday, I headed out to HomeGoods and got some organizing stuff for the bathroom, and more importantly, for the post partum aspect of this epic journey.


On the back of the toilet, I added a canvas tray. This will hold all those post partum goodies I narrowly avoided discussing earlier. Sorry! I’m only familiar with what I dealt with last time (I didn’t have a C Section, so can’t speak to that recovery) but I know I’ll have some awesome stuff hanging around on top of the toilet, like Tucks pads, ice packs, spray bottles and creams. Last time I just kind of threw them all up there and let me tell you: trying to pick off the floor your various medicines three days post partum? NO BUENO. Crying may ensue. Or hysterical laughter. Either way, people will think you are unbalanced when they hear you through the door. Do yourself the favor: Put it all in a box. Shoebox, cardboard box, what have you. Contain it. And for God’s Sake. Don’t drop the soap  spray bottle. 😉 Oh yeah, and keep a waste basket nearby. For now, you can pretend those pretty makeup brushes and Q-Tips are those other essentials I’m talking about.

And of course, I straightened up our bedside tables. I needed this for right now, not just for when the baby comes and my room turns into the nursery. This is what happened last time. All available surfaces were taken over. It was all very hostile and aggressive. So I am expecting that to happen again.  In reality, I should have done this a while ago. But we only got bedside tables about two weeks ago so there’s that. Before that? I just kept everything on the floor next to our bed, which is also sitting on the floor. But we finally buckled down and bought some IKEA lack tables and our bed frame is on order. It’s time to straighten things up.

My bedside table looks like a pharmacy. For a very unsexy old person with health issues. I’ve got my stretch mark cream, lip balm, hand lotion, about 18 packets of Zantac 75, empty water bottles and my glasses. Since not only am I a sore pregnant lady with indigestion, but I’m blind, too! I don’t know how I got pregnant, if you are wondering. All that’s missing is a heating pad. But only because I didn’t need it this week. Hot mess. Anyway, I threw out all the trash and then finally used my white storage box from Ikea and threw all the various bits and pieces in there, along with phone and Kindle chargers. I don’t know what the box’s purpose really is because the design is actually horrible, but it’s a wood box with two inserts, and I bought it, so I might as well use it. I added another clearance water bottle (for taking my Zantac before bed and around 3am each night) and my new alarm clock. Did the trick:


Now when the baby comes, I’ve got room for my nipple cream. Yay!

Kase’s side also got a little spruce up. Mostly because I was excited we finally had tables, and also because  someone got a new alarm clock/ iPhone player for Christmas and it needed a home. Bonus? Now he has room for more of my nipple cream when the baby comes! ;P


So thoughts? Do you have any go-to organization stash tricks? Any vets out there with more suggestions?  What am I purposely forgetting? Tell me.


5 thoughts on “Make Room for Baby

  1. I think I have PTSD just reading this. 😉 When my (now) 7 month old was born I had several “stations” around our suddenly gigantic tri-level house for different activities… pumping/changing/feeding/sleeping. 1 week in I had a melt down and my darling husband moved EVERYTHING into our bedroom – and I mean EVERYTHING -including the TV – and I lived there with Katherine for the next 2 months. You’re so right. Baskets are the answer to contain the madness. You’ve got this!!!

    • Thanks, Sarah! As Celine Dion crooned, “It’s all coming back to me nowwwww!” And not in a good way. Why did I decide to do this again??? JK. Hopefully I’ve got a better handle on it this time…..

  2. A big ole YES to the baskets and boxes. I plan on taking over the first floor of the house and not going upstairs for the first month. Kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom, 2 TVs, and the family room. Should be fine!

    (You know, as long as everything goes according to plan in February. We’ll see!)

    • Oooh good luck!!! Yes, I do recall actually living in the living room. Sleeping, eating, nursing, etc. The other thing I remember? Wishing I had invested in a better looking throw blanket. I’ve got a ratty old comforter in all our photos. Our living room looked like a college dorm with all the cups and empty food packages around and me just lounging around in PJS all day. I’m gonna try to be an adult this time around… 😉

  3. So excited for you! Good Luck you seem very prepared. I am all for baskets, they are so versatile and add a little texture to the room and you can just throw all your junk ( I mean stuff) into thm and ‘clean up’ a room fairly quickly. Now if only I can keep the basket tidy.

    I like the way you have gussied up your bed with the tables and lamps We have a similar design with that awkward roof line that doesn’t let you do much with the wall behind the bed.

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