It’s a Wrap!

I thought I was into wrapping presents. I used to take real pride in my wrapping skills. In fact, I must have liked wrapping presents, because I remember helping all my family members wrap up their last minute purchases on Christmas Eve. So this love of wrapping gifts can’t be all in my head. I mean, just last year I was really into it. Maybe this year, it’s the whole 9 months preggo thing, or maybe I am just finally owning up to my own laziness, but I. Just. Can’t. Get. It. Together. Or maybe it’s more: I. Just. Don’t. Wanna.

Don’t get me wrong. I had the whole scheme ready to go. And this year, rather than Christmas being brought to you by Maria Von Trapp, who is awesome, it’s being brought to you by the USPS. Also awesome-ish.

Not really the USPS, but you can secure all of these things in the mailing section at your local Target. This year, I went with Kraft paper and red accents again. But instead of Kraft paper from Paper Source at $800 per roll (I still spent approximately $500 there this week, just not on wrapping paper,) I skipped on over to the packing/mail section at Target, and bought a big old roll of packing paper for like $5.  And then, I spotted and picked up some red and white chevron Scotch packing tape. Umm, I don’t knew where you came from, but you had better get in my cart you she-devil.  I did head to Paper Source for some cute mailing/gift tags and some other stuff that I never knew I needed but couldn’t live without another second longer. But just imagine how much worse it could have been if I hadn’t stopped at Target first and been in a really cheap mood.

All together, it looked like this as I got ready to wrap:


I also had a little fun with the gift tags, which were plain jane tags from Paper Source. I decided to jazz them up a little with my packing tape. I like my packing tape. It’s cute and beyond that? It holds the packing paper really well. Go figure! If you want to check out some other fun patterns, check them out here (Birds!!). I’m saying it first: Packing Tape is the new Washi Tape.



I finished them off with a little ribbon. As they say in Arthur Christmas (cute movie btw), “There’s always time for a BOW!”  Do knots count as bows? In my house they do. I wrapped about 8 presents and called it a day. There’s about 80 left in my “secret present closet.”  I guess I have three days left really to tackle the rest.


Ugh. I am tired just thinking about it. Anybody like to wrap presents? I offer competitive pay (read: unlimited Real Housewives reruns)

4 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap!

  1. I’m in the same boat. People used to pay me to wrap their gifts and I lived for it. In fact, I lived for it right up until 3 weeks ago. Then this huge cloud of laziness settled over my house. I’ve got the presents, I’ve got the supplies. I just can’t put the two together. Meh.

  2. I used to work at a gift shop where we would wrap presents for a small fee that was donated to charity. And I usedto LOVE it. I hated when people would give gifts in gift bags but the past few years I despise wrapping. I went the craft paper route last year and didn’t want to spend tons of money on ribbons so I bought a big ball of fancy red yarn at the craft store and used that. No gift tags, just used colorful sharpies. Everyone loved the wrapping and it was the easiest I had ever done. it also looked really nice and cohesve under the tree. yes I like my paper to match under the tree. I love your packing tape.

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