The Rule


So I want to ask a question: Is there a rule somewhere that says you *have* to decorate a tree?

Kase and I bought a nice skinny *real* frasier fir this weekend for the family room, where we plan to open presents with family. As discussed, we went with a “Scandi-simple” theme in the family room. We allowed Christmas to explode all over the playroom- Colin has his own tree with his own ornaments, we put the creche up, and an old family heirloom from Kase’s side of the family is decorating the windowsill as well. I topped the mantel with some clippings from our real tree and we plan to hang our handmade family stockings from Grammie in there.

Anyway, on Sunday we placed the frasier fir, we strung some lights and I topped it with a bow. But now?  I kinda like how it looks as it is. I’ve got two tubs of ornaments hidden away in the butler’s pantry, but I’m tempted to tell Kase to bring them back down to the basement.  The look of the tree is simple and natural. Added bonus? Colin can’t break any ornaments. So far, he hasn’t shown much interest in the lights, which is good, too.

My only concern is that my pregnancy induced laziness is overriding my holiday spirit. But I really don’t think so. I just think it’s a good looking tree on it’s own. But is there a rule that you *have* to decorate it? Tell it like it is, internet friends. Tell it like it is.


6 thoughts on “The Rule

  1. I loooove my ornaments, so I can’t imagine not putting them up, but if you are prego and want to keep it as is, so be it! You kinda get a pass on this stuff when your pregnant….

  2. No! I am so glad you wrote this. I am all for simple this year and no, you don’t have to decorate any more than you want or what goes with your theme. I put 4 ornaments on the tree and could care less about putting more on. They’re just going to get batted at and eventually chucked across the room anyway. Perhaps your kid is better behaved than mine though….

    • I’m just happy to finally be rid of the cat who did more damage to the tree than my kid has so far. I think he loves his little tree and it’s a good learning experience for him, but I’m not ready to bring out the big guns yet (ie. sentimental, breakable ornaments) and be on red alert all season long. Plus, I do like how it looks. Now, when I am not pregnant, do I still get to use this excuse? 😉

  3. What do you mean not decorated? I spy some perfectly placed lights and a beautiful bow at the top – looks perfectly decorated to me and so perfect. Keep as is and I love your simple approach – it works beautifully!

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