The New Nursery

With 8 weeks left to go, Kase and I decided to start tackling the nursery a couple of weeks ago. Which is good, since I can no longer get myself up from a sitting position without assistance.

First, we had to decide whether we would kick the despot out of his crib or not. He’s a bit attached to his crib. This makes us happy because we feel like we got our money’s worth. Even though he was gifted a big boy bed (a toddler bed shaped like a boat) for his second birthday, he was having a hard enough time adjusting to his new room in the new house, so I think he is hesitant to move from his crib to a new bed as well. Maybe we messed up on the whole transition opportunity, but we’re just trying to keep things as normal as possible during this time for him. We figure we’ll follow his lead. That’s also our story when it comes to potty training, too. But maybe we’re just lazy parents. I dunno.

So basically that was a long way of explaining why we ended up at, where else, IKEA! a couple of weekends ago. We decided to go ahead and just purchase a new crib for the baby: The Gulliver crib in white. You can’t beat the price and I love it’s simple lines. Let the old baby keep his crib until he was ready to give it up for good. Then, if he does decide before the baby is born to make the switch, we can just convert the Stokke crib back to a bassinet for the first few weeks and use it in addition to the Gulliver crib we purchased. Besides it’s never too early to start with the sibling rivalry: “Yup, you got Colin’s hand me downs and an IKEA crib. Welcome to second child status.”

Other than that, we also picked up this amazing plush rug from IKEA (5×7, off white) that has tones of white, taupe and gray, or as I like to call it, the Holy Trinity. The rug is so soft. As in, fall asleep on it soft. Ask Kase. The paint color on the walls is Benjamin Moore’s Ice Formations, which I just love- especially in a small room like a nursery, it really warms up the space without darkening it. It’s basically perfect in my eyes. And since IKEA was having a 50% off plush toys sale, we came home with the first of I am sure many stuffed animals for the baby.

The rest? A mix of stuff from Colin’s old nursery- his Sharon Montrose prints, which we love and are more than happy to use again; the glider, from Crate and Barrel, and of course, his Bla Bla mobile. The two IKEA Malm dressers we were using in our old bedroom we pushed together to form a changing station. PS: Those dressers? Already chock full of (previously loved by Colin) clothes. Anyone thinking of generously gifting this new baby with clothes? Please. Don’t. (We already discussed my shopping problem. No need to elaborate.)





I had seen this decal on Etsy and it made me laugh.  When it came, it was smaller than I anticipated (only because I never look at measurements) but as I sat in the glider on Saturday being lazy staring at my blank bookshelves which are too shallow and short for actual books, I remembered the decal. So we placed it in one of the shelves. It may be my favorite detail in the nursery. You know, until the actual baby is in there. Then the baby should probably be my favorite detail.


Other than that, it’s neutral. Soothing. Simple. We like a simple nursery. Babies come with a lot of crap (which we unearthed this weekend and which almost gave me a panic attack). Plus, they are complicated, to boot. Best to keep the rest as simple as possible.


8 thoughts on “The New Nursery

  1. I just visited your blog to look for nursery ideas, and this was the first post to come up! Perfect! I’m having a boy in ten weeks so I hope you don’t mind some copy-catting because I think this is a beautiful space. Congrats to you and Kase!

  2. Please be a bit careful on the 2nd kiddo thing– a cautionary tale:

    My spouse was an overlooked second child and when his mother went to find his baby book to give to us as our wedding gift… it was literally empty. There are 2 pictures of his childhood in total, and those were from other family members.

    • No need to tell me, M- I am the youngest of 7!!! My baby book was gifted to me and I think my mom tried to fill it out the night before. It’s okay though. In my family, you can’t be sure if memories are your own or are just stories you’ve been told again and again. I also comfort myself in the fact that Colin’s baby book was all hung ho at first and teetered off at the 1 year mark. It’s just not in my genes…. 😉

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