Getting ready for the jolly fat man

That wasn’t a dig at any visitors we have coming this holiday season. It’s a reference to Santa. WE BELIEVE!

We haven’t unearthed all of our holiday schwag yet, but we did manage to snag Colin a $30 fake tree on Black Friday  for his playroom and he has been loving his Advent Calendar boxes filled with ornaments (I forewent actual presents or treats and decided to take apart a couple of ornament garlands instead and made little ornaments for every box) . Every day we get excited to open the “BOX!!” and we run to the playroom so that Mommy can carefully place the ornament where the Despot deems appropriate. And then move it. Twenty times. Now I know how Kase has felt the last 7 years we’ve decorated the tree. 😉

Anyway, here are some snapshots to show what we’ve been doing lately, getting ready for the fat man in the hat:


Keeping it “Scandi-simple” in the family room. Whites, tans and a pop of red:


We’ve got the playroom all decked out. Well, as much as it can be with a despot.


Fair warning Santa: the playroom has the smallest fireplace. I’m not judging, trust me. I’m the jolly fat lady in the hat. But without the hat. And I’m not really all that jolly as of late. Ask Kase.

And a little story to share: On Saturday, we headed to the mall to get some family photos taken before the baby comes (for Boston locals, we go to Portrait Simple and we love what they do). Not holiday card photos, but just some pics to commemorate this time right before we welcome a little brother for Colin. On the way in, we almost literally ran into Santa. Guess Santa gets potty breaks.

Anyway, after last year’s aborted visit, I didn’t have high hopes for this year, since while watching the parade on Thanksgiving, I asked Colin if he was excited to see Santa, and he slowly turned his head away and said in a low voice, “Nooooo….”  and slowly backed away from the screen.  I wasn’t going to force it this year. Don’t want to scar the kid for life.

So imagine our surprise when Colin walked right up to Santa, happily greeted him and gave him a high five. Since we were running late, we had to rush Santa’s sweet encounter, but we made sure to wave goodbye, and even utter “Miss you Santa!” And then I died.




4 thoughts on “Getting ready for the jolly fat man

  1. Coming out of lurkdom to beg you to tell me where to find that chevron pillow in the third pic. I must have it. Everything looks beautiful!

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