Get that money, honey.

Soooo, I have a little tiny online shopping problem. No. I take that back. I have a little tiny online shopping issue. I used to have a brick-and-mortar store shopping issue. And then I had a toddler, who wasn’t a “problem”  or “issue” so much as a deterrent. And buzzkill.  Still, I would not be stopped.

So I started shopping online. For everything. I order milk delivery, I order groceries. I order diapers, wipes and books about preschool, I order clothes for Colin and maternity clothes for me. Every day, I squeal with delight when I spot a brown UPS truck pulling up outside the house. Sometimes, I even forget what I ordered, and it’s a nice surprise when I cut open the box. “For me? I shouldn’t have!!”

Kase? Thinks I really “shouldn’t have.” I believe he told me I had a “problem”  rather than an “issue” and that the first step is admitting it. HA! As if. I don’t have a problem spending money. I just have a problem with spending money. See the difference there? I don’t like to spend money, but I like to shop. It’s why most of my clothes are from Old Navy.

But I’m married. Or so the certificate says. So I need to make compromises. Compromises, rather than statements. Statements like, “The only problem I have is YOU thinking I have a problem!” That, as it turns out, is not productive. Instead,  I signed up for Ebates.Com. Have you heard of this?

There’s no catch, guys. If you shop online pretty much anywhere on the internet, you earn money back. Depending on what online store you frequent, you can earn anywhere from 2% to 10% cash back. I think they cut checks every other month. The other day, Banana Republic was having a 25% off sale, AND Ebates was offering 10% cash back. Stupid Banana not having maternity clothes. WE DEMAND MATERNITY!

The point is, I can online shop and “earn” money. I may have stopped taking math my junior year of high school, but I’m pretty sure that makes sense. Besides, they always say, “you gotta spend money to make money” and I couldn’t agree more.

If you are interested in signing up too, I read today that as a “blogger” I can earn referral points, which is money. Other more popular bloggers have sponsored posts and ads on their sites and all those bells and whistles and make money off their ramblings. I don’t. I’ve never been offered sponsorships.  I named my blog, Didn’t I Tell You That? for exactly the reason I am writing this today. Because I like to share cool things I’ve found. So while Ebates is not sponsoring this post, if you sign up through the link, I’ll get money. I’ll just put that all out there.  I’m including this fun referral link to make money off of my friends and family and any other poor soul who stumbles upon this blog.  Yup. Ain’t too proud to beg. Please remember my growing family at this time. And Happy Thanksgiving. By the way, you look really pretty today. 😉

Have you discovered any cool sites lately? Any money saving tips? Besides, “save your money, Kate. Stop shopping.” Cuz that? Not gonna happen.

One thought on “Get that money, honey.

  1. bwah haha. I lhate shopping but I love online shopping and have been using ebates for a while otherwise I would click on your link. The best, just last week I redeemed some ebate $ for an amazon gift card and was able to buy something “for free” without the husband finding out since it didn’t go on our credit card. Winning! The worst is when you forget to start your shopping through ebates, fill your cart up with stuff, then have to go back and start over so you get the credit. not that has ever happened to me 😦

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