The Second Annual “Sisters are Doing it For Themselves” Challenge [Kraft Paper Box Advent Calendar]

Okay, so truth be told, I haven’t had as much time on my hands lately to peruse Pinterest and pin stuff I won’t ever do make eat cook wear buy. Sadsies. But! I’m not in as bad shape as I was last year at this time. Still. I want to tackle something holiday inspired on my Pinterest Board. Since Thanksgiving is already upon us, I’m just pretending it’s passed. That’s just too much pressure for this chick. I still have entire rooms with boxes in them that haven’t been touched. I just pretend they aren’t there. The power of denial is really something, let me tell you.

So for this year’s “Sisters are Doing It For Themselves” challenge, I’m focusing on Christmas. I didn’t really get to last year since we moved the week before the holiday. Sure, that didn’t stop me from buying a bunch of kitschy crap from Homegoods and plastering it all over the place, and buying a tree the day we moved in, but still: I never did an Advent Calendar. (I will wait for you all to stop screaming in terror.) I am all too aware that this makes me a Bad Mommy Blogger. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that there is a list and this item is on it. There isn’t? Oh well. I won’t be delinquent this year. Oh no. And since I pinned approximately 526 different options, I took my pick, ordered my supplies on Amazon and here I am, tackling this bAd-vent boy:


Oooh, pretty. I like how simple it is. And that if the mood strikes me again, I can re-use it year after year. I’m not making any promises, but you know I love me some brown paper packages during the Holidays.  Kraft Paper All The Things!!!

I changed it up a bit from the original inspiration. Instead of using a cork board and tacks, I decided to add magnets to the back of the boxes so I could use our fridge. To that end, I bought 24 kraft covered jewelry boxes (at 30 cents a piece), 250 self adhesive mini magnets (not the number I needed, but the amount they offered) and some Avery mailing labels. I broke out the Apple OpenOffice and wrote out a bunch of numbers, 1-24 (*not 25, like I originally thought, but yeah, I guess that makes sense.) I magnetized (using 4 mini magnets) and then labeled the boxes.  And I placed them on the fridge, like so:

I never said it was rocket science. I just wanted to get something done. Total project time: 20 minutes. That is about my limit at 8pm at night with Love It Or List It vying for my attention..

Since Colin is still pretty young and doesn’t understand the concept of anything but bribes and treats, I decided to go with small ornaments, some activity cards, like reading a Christmas Book, or helping to make eat Christmas cookies, and little “treats” like matchbox cars. Mostly small ornaments though, since he enjoys “helping” me so much, and we plan to put a fake tree in his playroom. His very own tree to decorate. He’s lucky it’s not a real tree: it’s never too early to learn how to sweep up pine needles. Really, he’s the perfect size for reaching under the tree. I’m pretty sure that was one of the reasons my parents had children. To water and clean up after the Christmas tree.  And do the dishes. And change the channel. But I’m dating myself.

So do you plan on making an Advent Calendar? Or are you old school? Pop open a cardboard window and eat a chocolate kinda old school. Mmmmm, chocolate…..


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