Thankful Thursday

We have a week to go until Thanksgiving, which has put me in the mindset of being grateful for all I have.

Thankful for cozy nights, lying in bed, reading my Kindle with this on in the background:

(Sure, our bed is still on the floor while we sort out what kind of frame we want, we have cable wires strung along the floor and my clothes are still in a duffel bag, but even with all that, I have so much to be thankful for.)

I am thankful for a beautiful new home.

I am thankful for a husband who changes out toilet seats and rakes leaves with me at 9pm on Sunday nights because “it was depressing me.”;  who wakes up at 5am to take a train to work, comes home at midnight, and who spends the better part of his weekend building a toddler bed that resembles a boat. And procures 9 pumpkins over 5 weekends. Just because.

I am thankful for a sweet dog who is always up for a cuddle, even when I’m not quite up for it.

I am thankful (most of the time) for a toddler who gives me hugs and kisses, on demand and not. But mostly on demand.  I am thankful he is healthy and happy, and even that he is wild and crazy.

And I am thankful for a healthy baby, no matter how much he kicks me or indigestion he creates. And I will be really thankful if he is a little more relaxed than his brother. But I’m thinking not. Which is okay.

I am still thankful.


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