Cable Coziness and CVS Goodness

I love a cozy cable knit. When the weather starts to turn chilly, there is nothing like snuggling up under a soft cable knit throw. And I have to say, I’ve been loving those cable knit pillows you see all around this time of year. But I’m on a pillow budget. Only budget pillows for this chick. So I got some wool-feeling chevron pillows in the clearance section at Target for $5 a piece and called my fall decorating done. Until I went to CVS.

That is not a typo. This cable knit lovely is from CVS. And I paid $8. That is also not a typo.

So you know how CVS has all their holiday type tchochke crap like holiday makeup bags and dancing Santas lining the tops of their aisles and whatnot? Well, I was looking for diapers, and spotted a red cable knit pillow up on top of the shelf. I was all, “oh too bad it’s that bright red. WAIT A HOT MINUTE!” And I scooted to the cash register to pay my $9.99 STAT for my new ivory pillow. When they scanned my CVS card, it rang up with a 20% off coupon. And then the lady in line behind me was all, “Did you get that here?” And I tried hard not to laugh my evil laugh and be all, “IT’S MINE! ALL MINE, SUCKER!  MWHAHAHA!” Really, I just shrugged and said, “Right?” Cuz who buys pillows at CVS?

Apparently, this girl does.

Which is all to say, if you find yourself at CVS buying aspirin or what have you, you may want to put pillows on your list as well.


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