She’s a Brick House

Okay, well she’s a clapboard house, to be fair, but man, is she sturdy!  We survived the storm with absolutely no problems at all. Power remained on and we could barely hear the wind and rain. A far cry from our rental, where the windows shook whenever the UPS truck drove down the street. Guess those tradesmen knew what was what 200 years ago. Of course, I am happy we managed to get those trees down last week. That could have been bad….

We are slowly but surely getting unpacked. We tackled the most important rooms first, of course. That would mean that the kitchen, family room, playroom and office are all set up. They are in working order, and with some more finishing touches, will be ready for their close ups sooner rather than later. As for the rest of the house? It’s a box graveyard.  In fact, we managed to fill our garage with so many boxes we couldn’t pull our cars in, which could have been problematic with the storm. So I got on the horn on Sunday morning and a junk removal company was here by noon, tackling our used boxes and old paint cans and drapes and trashed wallpaper. We pulled the cars in and everyone tucked in for the storm. When you’ve got a playroom and a working AppleTV, turns out, you’re set. Colin even napped for 3.5 hours. Sandy? You’re nothing.

Otherwise, it turns out that moving while pregnant and with a two year old in tow is a lot different than moving with a one year old who’s happy to play in packing paper in his pack n play. It just so happens I am an ungainly mass with no stamina. Colin on the other hand is a terror on wheels. There is no stopping him. Literally. We’ve just accepted the fact that our child can now run away from us, up one flight of stairs, and through the upstairs and down another staircase, well before we even realize he has left the room. I just wish we could teach him how to unpack things and break down boxes. He could be so….useful.

And in the end, I was able to make my family a nice home cooked meal last night- it was great. We are really going to love it here.

Hope everyone made it through the storm okay!

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