Let’s Eat! [New Kitchen Moodboard]

It’s no secret. I like to eat. In fact, most of my day, when not changing diapers or driving back and forth to our new house, is consumed with thoughts about what I am going to eat next. I’d blame the baby, but truth be told, I was like this well before I was knocked up. Except now, it’s worse.

Speaking of eating, our new kitchen looks like this:

Well, it looked like that, with the old owner’s things in it. Including that lantern. Wowzas. I’m tallying votes on the lantern. So far, I have my mother in law in my corner for getting rid of it. She even told me where to bring it to sell it. And she has an appreciation for antiques. But even she said to toss it. You can vote too. You’re like family. Most of you probably *are* family, actually. Thanks for reading. So what about that lantern?

For now, we definitely need a kitchen table. Currently, we have one dining table, and it’s too big for that space, and besides, we actually have a dining room to furnish. Who woulda thunk?  So I’m looking for a cheap round table to fill the space. And while I’m at it, I picked out some other pieces to go with it.

Chairs/ Rug/ Pendant/ Black Table/ White Table/ Oak Table

Most of the items above come from Overstock. I have a good history with them. We bought our drum pendants in our old condo through them, which were a decent Jonathan Adler knockoff, and you can’t beat their prices, usually. I already have the runner version of the rug, and it matches the space nicely, tying in the granite with the wall color, so I wouldn’t mind getting one for the tiny dining nook as well. Emily ordered the chairs already, so I have seen them in real life photos, and I likey. All silver and industrial-like.

Now, my question is: Which table?  I kinda like all three. We’ve got the dark grey granite and a sage-y gray wall color (we decided not to paint the kitchen. Had to draw the line somewhere….). I could make an argument for all three. Of course, the black and the oak are cheaper, so there’s that. What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Let’s Eat! [New Kitchen Moodboard]

  1. I actually really like the oak, and love the juxtaposition of the chairs with wood, but I think the black would look really good with your counters and white cabinets and still pair well with the chairs.

    Ditch the lantern, I’m not creative enough to figure out a creative use for it.

  2. It is almost a tie for me – I like the black because it would tie into the countertops but I also like the white to tie into the cabinets. I think I like the black a tiny bit better. As for the lantern…I don’t totally hate it enough to throw it away but could you find a place in the barn for it? It may go with that decor a bit better 🙂

  3. love the white table for this space, partly because the white will feel like it belongs there and partly because the tabletop is thicker. as you look down this kitchen you see all these thick horizontal lines (window, molding around the window, baseboard, purposed pendant light) that all work until you put a thin table in there. and i like the pendant light, but what about doing that in a different color? nothing crazy, but maybe a light grey to echo the countertops? love the rug.
    i think the lantern it really interesting, but if you don’t love it it must go!
    not sure what to think about those chairs. they look metal, and ultra modern, and kinda remind me of prison furniture?

    • Jo, That’s a good point about the chunky molding. I also am leaning towards the white, myself. We’re broke from appliance purchasing this weekend so I’ve got some time to think it over!

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