Stairway to Heaven

Enjoying the house tour? Oh good. I’ve got some more eye candy for you today. And by eye candy, I mean these before shots are the equivalent of a dusty Werther’s Original from the bottom of your grandma’s handbag. Shall we?

This is the front stairway. Our house is one of those old houses that has two staircases- one for the back of the house and one for the front. Imagine an estate like Downton Abbey, with back staircases for the help. And then wipe that idea out of your head, because who do you think we are? We just have two staircases. Basically, it’s confusing and maze-like. It doesn’t help that we also have four separate doors/entrances at the front of the house. It’s like Russian Roulette whenever there’s a knock on the door. Any time a contractor comes over, they inevitably get lost. It’s really not that confusing since our house is not that massive, but it’s not exactly intuitive either. I blame the two staircases. Or maybe the four doors.  Anyhoodle, the front staircase goes to the green painted bathroom and the front two bedrooms, which we will be using as guest rooms. So we are taking to calling this the guest wing. Only to be silly. And pretentious. We love being pretentious.

Which naturally, makes this the guest staircase. Or the front stairs. If you’re feeling unpretentious.

That? Is a very old carpet runner. Covered, no, sorry, *layered* really, in cat hair. I don’t need to remind you how I feel about cats.  And oh looky there, I see a hole.

So the carpet runner was on that list of “safety issues” that Kase initially scoffed at. But then he saw the cat hair. I mean, the hole in the carpet.

So I was happy when the carpet installers called me to let me know they could stop by and install the carpet. I was even more ecstatic when I realized  Chris the Painter had gotten to painting the walls! Hallelujah and Amen!  The colors we are using throughout the house are Benjamin Moore “Soft Chamois” and “Ice Formations.” They are much softer than the old paint colors and have more gray in them. Love it.  Soft Chamois is on top and Ice Formations is on the bottom:

And then the carpet installers came with the bound runner. They were weezing and coughing a lot. I can’t imagine why. Don’t suppose they were allergic to cats?  (FYI, we used Mohawk Carpet for both our master and the runner. Basically, it was priced right and I liked the colors and textures offered. We used Lowes for the contracting. Easy peasy. Can’t say much more than that really. I am still clueless when it comes to carpets. Here, the runner is Mohawk Northwich in “Chardonnay.”- I’ll take my wine however I can get it these days.  It’s not nearly as thick as the old runner, so it lays nice and close to the stairs, and the texture should prevent any falls. I can only hope, anyway.)

And now it looks like this:

So much better, right? It’s like one of those lunchtime face lifts they tout on the radio all the time. Instant update. Our front hallway has entered the 21st century. Which is cool, it’s only 200 years old after all.


9 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven

  1. Oh good, I’m glad there’s someone else out there as slightly pretentious as I am. I mean, we called the in-law suite next door The Guest House as a joke for so long that it’s now what we call it. And I’m pretty sure people look at us like, who are these a-holes?

    But on to your stairs. That was all done in a day? Because I think you hit some sort of contractor jackpot. In my experience, things take weeks. All the things take weeks. It’s looking fan-diddly-tastic though, huge transformation!

  2. I think you are the quickest decision maker ever. picking out paint colors and new carpet all in a week. that would take me forever and proof wuld be the patch on my wall of 3 different paint colors I can’t decide on. sigh! Well maybe it has mroe to do with the fact that I hate the prep work so Ihave been pushing that task off for a while…ahem 4 years. I know pathetic!

    • I know my limits, Leslie. I know what colors I always come back to- a nice grey toned taupe and cream always do the trick for me. When I try to get a little more decor trendy, I inevitably hate my decision. I was still second guessing myself as the painter was at Home Depot, but Kase pried the paint deck away from me. For my own good.

      • do you have a weird obsession with the paint deck like I do? I have 2 Benjamin Moore decks and 1 Sherwin Williams one that I refer to for many things. Maybe that is my problem ….I need less choices. Personally it would be a little easier to pick out paint if each color was on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper nota 1×1 square.

      • I wouldn’t say an obsession, I just like to have it on me at all times despite its weight bringing me down and giving me a back problem- but I found it really helpful to have one on hand rather than reading every houzz post about “the right white” and “the perfect greige” and then going to Lowes and trying to find a sample chip. For example, everyone seems to love love love Revere Pewter, but I just knew it would be too trendy and taste specific for me down the line and I won’t be repainting again for a long long time. Or rather, I won’t be able to hire a painter again for a long long time. 😉

    • Don: Yes, they are in fact that steep. And they are not all the same height either. It’s not the most safe staircase, which is why we will have guests sign a waiver before retiring at night. 😉

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