Progress Report: The Green Mile and the Hot Mess

So I promised some “befores” and well, I am going to deliver. That and more. I love a good before and after, but you rarely get to see the “during.”  And my friends, this is it, in all it’s non-glory.

Most people out there would DIY most painting and trim when they move into a new house. They might take it a room at a time. They have something I like to call “patience” and are most likely “visually impaired” or at the very least, suffering from some form of cataracts.  Since I’m pregnant and not blind, we decided to hire this one out. And oh yeah, because of these, too:

The Green Mile:

This is Green Mile Ground Zero. Top to bottom, even that lovely beam, was painted an olive green. Historically accurate olive green. Let me tell you. I love me some history, and I always did really well in history. AP and all that. But I’m not reenacting the Civil War, so sorry Green, you gotta go.

So we started painting. Okay, our painter started painting.  The trim was the beginning. What trim you ask? Well, we had to find it first. And then we painted it. Fine, Chris the Painter painted it.

Here is the back staircase, before:

The color had to be blown out here, since the room was so dark, but trust you me, that there is more olive green. On the stair risers. On the door. On the walls all the way up the stairs. Green as far as the eye can see. The Green Mile.

Starting on the trim and risers:

Here’s a good shot that highlights the contrast between the new white trim and the olive green:

I didn’t quite notice how nice our wood stairs are until we painted the risers. I like how they really stand out now. The contrast is working for me, gotta tell ya.

We managed to find some trim around the windows, too. And of course, the window casings were originally olive green, natch, so we’ve trimmed those out as well. I love how the lead glass panes look now. Oh. I’m sorry. How rude of me. Allow me to introduce “Pa Pa”:

Colin calls my dad, “Pa Pa.” Turns out, “Pa Pa” lives not only in NJ, but in our stained glass window, pouring himself a beer. Colin and Pa Pa catch up when we visit the new house, over a beverage, of course.

But the Green Mile wasn’t our biggest headache. Oh no. Meet our (former) schizophrenic bathroom, located off the mudroom:

You can join me in screaming, “MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!”  No, you’re right. That’s mean. Miss Havisham would totally dig that powder room. And she would call it that, too.

Again, it’s just a matter of taste. Some people really like dark, rich colors and stripes. Mixed with dark, rich florals. I? Am not one of those people. So it was stripped. In all its naked glory:

All trimmed out and ready for paint (like the rest of the house.) READY FOR PAINT! Do you hear me, painting gods? A *gentle* reminder- we move on Friday. Not that I’m counting the days…..

So that’s the current progress report. This was more for my edification than anything else, but it’s always nice to see the ugly reality of even small projects, like painting. I really admire people who like painting. I for one? Am hating the process. I’m ready for it to be done!  We’re getting there, though, slowly but surely.


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