Colin and I were out at the new house yesterday waiting on the carpet installers when a large truck complete with utility crane and bucket pulled into the driveway. Turns out, the tree cutter-downers would also be keeping us company for the day, which was helpful in that it kept Colin occupied from walking all over carpet tacks and just generally bothering the contractors. Win-win.

We started out with a mostly dead large tree. Think it’s an Oak. Not sure. Don’t care. The point was, it was a glorified tree trunk. I mean, this is it. And this is how it looked well before Fall came to town:

So, we knew we would be cutting that bad boy down upon purchase. For a tree with no foliage or really, very many branches left, it cast quite the shadow on our house. We had already cut down some scrub pines at the front of the house as well, and the large pine behind the tree was also going to be cut down as it was interfering with power lines. No bueno. To be clear, we don’t hate trees. In fact, our property boasts the oldest tree in all of our town, and it is spectacular. We just hate ugly trees. Better?

After the tree guy got all Paul Bunyan on it, he happily showed off his hard work. This guy’s a trip:

Of course, the main reason we were there was to have the Green Monster eradicated. And the painter had already started on the Green Mile, so I took a progress shot. Can you believe the difference?

I’ll take some more photos this weekend- the carpet has been completely vacuumed, I just didn’t get a picture since the despot was in tow, and hopefully the second coat of trim will be done. Can’t wait to see it all finished. Now, just contemplating paint….but think we might leave it white. We like very bright open spaces. We don’t like color. You know this about me.  Also, that ceiling is hard to work around. But if you have a better idea, please share your thoughts…..


2 thoughts on “Timberrrrrrr!

    • You and me, both, Em! Feels like this is taking forever, but I guess that is one of the lessons of home ownership. Besides, we have more than enough time (30 year fixed mortgage!) to make it ours…..and to replenish our bank accounts. 😉

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