Rub A Dub Dub. Goddang that Tub is Ugly.

[Warning: Photos of an iPhone Nature below]

Last week, we started on making some cosmetic changes to the new house. We’ve got a laundry list- even though the house is wonderful, some things just aren’t our style, or even safe for that matter. So on Thursday, we had some contractors stop by the house to take care of some of the items we’ve got in our crosshairs. And we’ve got a few.

When we were considering putting in an offer on the house, we had a contractor come in and give us some quotes for some work we might want to do. One of the items I had him look into were the bathrooms. Since it is an old house, we’ve got some fun layout issues not found in more modern floor plans. For instance, one bathroom literally has a door off the landing of the front stairwell, with a little mini stair. It’s strange and charming.

It also has another door off a hallway that leads to the guest room and what will be the nursery. Its toilet is squeezed into a corner and the faucet was grandfathered in since it has no mixing valve. But we like those things about it. It’s got character. It has its original fixtures- the sconces are porcelain, the ceiling light would sell for loads of dough on SchoolHouse Electric. What I don’t love? The hand painted floor. And the painted walls. And the painted cabinets. And the scratched claw foot tub. It had seen better days. Trust you me. It was gray and scratched up and just looking rough. Sadsies. I love a claw foot tub. And they are a mother to replace. Not to mention the whole “Grandfathered” aspect means no reno’s until we have quite a pretty penny to spend on them.  Getting things up to modern code is like, expensive and stuff. But painting and reglazing stuff? Totally in the budget.

My claw foot tub so shiny and bright and new. On the inside. And now it’s making the rest of the bathroom fixtures feel badly about themselves. Not cool, Tub. Now I’m thinking the outside needs to get spruced up. And perhaps the sink should get reglazed too. And those tub fixtures are gross. Can of worms. Opened.

Moving on…..

I also had the contractor take a look at the other full bathroom which is off of what will be our master- it also happens to be where the laundry room is. Not a problem. What was a problem? This sucker:

Have you ever seen a tub like that? Can you tell this was part of the addition done in the early 90’s? I mean, beyond the color, which is gorgeous, isn’t that shape just something else? Apparently, it is called a “cottage tub”. And removing this sucker and redoing this small space? Would cost us about $15K.  Absurd. But here’s the thing. I have an issue using “used” tubs. The last time we bought a place, it was brand new construction. No one had ever used the tub. And not having used a tub for a bath since selling?  Not cool. But there isn’t enough bleach in this world to make me sit in someone else’s tub. I don’t know why. It’s a thing. I should get over it. Or…. OR! I could just reglaze it. Brand new tub!

It makes such a difference. Let me tell you.

So tell me: Have you ever reglazed anything? Updated an antique bathroom? Fell down a full flight of stairs leaving the john? I fear that might happen one of these days. I’ve got a bad history with stairs.

One thought on “Rub A Dub Dub. Goddang that Tub is Ugly.

  1. The door off to the stairs is SO bizarre! I kinda want to see a picture from the other side! I saw a girl on house hunters with the tub thing. She HAD to have new construction just because of the tub issue. i thought it was so strange, but I guess no uncommon. I have to say, I did buy and replace the toilet when we moved into our house. I always at least replace the seat every new place I’m at, but the tub has never been an issue. Soft scrub the crap out of it and I’m good to go…

    I’m so excited to see this house progress, it’s such a gorgeous house!

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