Fall Fun

One of the things I love the most about living in New England is the Fall.  As a season, I like it a lot. Personally speaking, I think I look cuter in sweaters and jeans than I look in a bathing suit or shorts. Mostly because I am so pale. And fall welcomes a certain pallor. So fall is awesome, in my book. But in New England, it’s just *better*. That’s a fact. You can google it.

So like some other bloggers out there, I’ve decided to come up with a “Fall Fun List”  I love me a list. And I love me some fall, as noted already. So combine the two and you have nothing but sheer amazingness.

1. Visit a bonafide pumpkin patch. Pick out pumpkins (Kate, Kase and Colin). Take a tractor or hay ride (Colin).  Partake in cider & donuts (Kate).

2. Decorate with Hay Bales and Mums.

3. Wear puffer vests.

4. Visit a farm. Apple picking?

5. Jump in leaves!

6. Trick or Treat & Carve a pumpkin.

7. Donate Thanksgiving Fixings to Food Bank.

8. Housewarming! Serve cider & donuts.

9. Find Corn Maze. Find way out of Corn Maze.

10. Fall Bonfire (buy fire pit). Drink cider and eat donuts.

11. Watch Charlie Brown Movies

12. Drink cider & eat donuts. Did I mention those already?

So what do you have on your fall bucket list?  Will you be eating donuts and drinking cider? Cuz, I don’t know if you know this, but I will. In my puffer vest.


5 thoughts on “Fall Fun

  1. I was home in WS this weekend and the first item on my agenda was Atkins Farm for apple cider and apple cider donuts. yum. so. yup, i feel ya!

  2. already done the apple picking, hayride and donuts. May have to go back for more donuts…um I mean apples. Skipped the corn maze this year b/c it was going to be almost 50 bucks WTF, I’ll get lost in the state forest instead! My mum is dying in its pot b/c I keep forgetting to water it. Only had one fire so far b/c the damn rain keeps getting the wood wet. Argh just realized I should put the mum out from under the overhang and then it would get watered. Doh!

    Next up is pumpkin picking and trying to figure out what the 2 year old should be for halloween. Maybe a DIY costume…oh the stress.

    • Lesley- mind if I ask where you went Apple Picking? I’m taking local suggestions, although it looks like this weekend is out. And speaking of getting lost in state forests, kase and i ended up on some state road after inadvertently exiting our state park a few weekends ago. it was awkward. we made up for it by going to friendly’s. we can always seem to find those, no problem.;)

      as for costumes, might i suggest target? i mean, i totally made colin’s shark costume. all by myself.

  3. Well how far are you willing to travel. I am in SE CT so do you consider that local? I have gone apple picking twice so far this year. 1st was at Lyman Orchards in Middlefied, CT. This place is HUGE! Seriously, they have over 1,000 acres. It is very picturesque with rolling hills of orchards. They also have a corn maze, a market with all sorts of goodies to buy (ahem donuts and pie), horse drawn wagon rides, pony rides. A golf course if you are into that. It is really fun but it also is a mob scene on the weekends in the market. It was good apple picking this year but I do feel like the orchard we happened to pick in probably got hit with some frost in the spring as they didn’t seem as plentiful. But with 1k acres there is still plenty.

    2nd is a place called Scott’s Yankee Farm in East Lyme, CT. It is very small but there trees were loaded with apples. My friend’s family owns the farm and it is maybe two miles from my house so we will be going again. They have horse drawn rides on weekends.

    Another favorite farm is Bishops Orchards in Guilford, CT. I had friends that went there last weekend and had a great time. They usually have events going on the weekends. They also have llamas and goats.

    They all have websites and facebook pages so check them out. And if you travel down here let me know maybe we can meet up. Although there aren’t many Friendly’s by me any more 😦

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