Happy Anniversary. I got you a house.

So last Saturday, Kase and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. And maybe you don’t know, but the traditional 5th wedding anniversary present is wood. No joke.

What else could we get each other?

In an update that should surprise absolutely no one who knows us, nor anyone else who happens to have read this blog for more than two weeks, we are moving!  Yes, again. Yes, we did just move 10 months ago. And 3 months before that. And 7 months before that. BUT! This time it’s different. Really.

People: We bought a real live house! I know. Who woulda thunk? As you read this, we are closing on our new house. Signing away our lives as we know them. I guess it’s not that big a deal. It’s just like a 30 year lease. Hmm, that’s weird. I just broke into a cold sweat.

In all seriousness, we are very excited. This house came out of nowhere, and much like everything we do, was kind of an impulse decision, in as much as a two and a half month process where everything but your first born is requested from the mortgage broker, can be considered impulsive. What I mean is, we weren’t *really* in the market for a house as we are currently leasing (anyone looking to rent a 3 bedroom house in Needham, MA? Let me know!) However, the thought of trying to renew a lease or house hunt with a toddler and newborn in tow made us start looking around at neighboring towns and doing some exploring. On free weekends, we’d pack Colin in the car, find some listings online, plug the addresses into the GPS and set out. The internet is so good like that. We’d search for the local playgrounds, schools, check out the town centers, time the driving distance to the nearest Friendly’s (you think I’m joking) and try to imagine ourselves living in that particular area. And each time, we’d say “That was a nice day. I wouldn’t want to move there, though.” And so we put some miles on the car, but we were learning more about what we wanted in our forever home.

One day Kase called me up and told me to research a new town. (If you are also in the market or are researching moving to a new area you are unfamiliar with, I recommend a Google search using “[the town name], city-data] as City-Data.com has very comprehensive forums that are extremely helpful. I know a little something about moving to brand new places sight unseen after all.)  After doing some initial research, I discovered that people love the town, the schools rate among the top 50 in all of the state and it’s generally a great place to find a nice house with a big yard for less than 5 billion dollars. Which was good, since our budget was considerably smaller. I happened to find this house online and told Kase on the phone, “I would make an offer on this house today. You need to take a look.”  We decided to contact our old realtor to see if she might recommend a local realtor for the area we were interested in. Turns out, her sister represented the area so the next day we hopped back in the car to explore again.

The house was built around 1820, so we’re talking nearly 200 years of major character (think four fireplaces, original claw foot tubs, porcelain fixtures, and wide plank floors) with the bonus of modern updates- like a relatively recent renovation above the “barn,” a new roof with slate tiles, and a newer kitchen addition off the back with subway tile and granite. We have more than enough room to grow our family, and Colin and his new brother will have an expansive yard to play in, not to mention a pool to enjoy in the summertime.  I”m already researching “toddler winter swim classes,” naturally.  Kase and I? We’ve got a nice deck with a built in hot tub. You know, for all those adult dinner parties we get to throw. 😉 Maybe we can just keep it cold and call it a kiddie pool?  With over an acre of land, we’ve got enough privacy, but being on a main road within town gives me the sense of neighbors I crave. But most importantly,  there’s a Friendly’s within a 10 minute drive.

Our new town is within commuting distance to Boston, so Kase will continue to take the train while the kids and I explore the state parks and beautiful lakes where locals hike, kayak and swim. It’s a truly beautiful spot, and we hope we love it in the years to come as much as we like it now.

If Kase and I could have created a home for our family, we still couldn’t have imagined this one. An antique? In a town we’d never considered, let alone heard of before this year? But it is exactly the right home for us, and we are so excited to make it ours.

Obviously, there will be a slew of house projects to discuss, but that should help offset all the baby crap I’ve been posting. Except for the brand new nursery, of course.  I’ll be beating that to death. Sorry I’m not sorry. 😉

(I posterized the photos so that defining details weren’t as obvious. Stalkers.)


12 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary. I got you a house.

  1. What a lovely new home! I live out in Central Mass and we just moved there about a year ago and your story is so similar to ours. We kind of stumbled upon our place after searching all summer, in a town I had never heard of AND it is also an antique (1880’s Colonial) But we fell in love and I hope you enjoy all the fun and quirky-ness of an old home! Enjoy the adventure and good luck with all the closing/mortgage stuff!

  2. Congratulations! I had to laugh at your “anyone who has been reding this blog for more than 2 weeks…we are moving” comment. If moving were an olympic sport you would be the gold medal winners. I guess now you can be retired olympians. ok that was corny but I couldn’t think of anything else. Your house looks great. Is it stupid that I love the garage/barn door? Can’t wait to see more. And a pool? In a non blog stalker kind of way, I may have to invite myself over next summer. I would be more than happy to go to Friendly’s for lunch so we could meet in a public place first 😉

    • LOL, Lesley! Yes, we are Olympians for sure. Or just insane? Can’t figure that one out yet. It is not stupid you love the barn door, only because it is also one of my favorite parts of the house, as well. We will definitely have to meet up at a Friendly’s!

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