Double Happiness and Menu Cards

This weekend, we are heading back to the Dirty Jerz to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Her birthday is in July, but she celebrated a milestone birthday this year, so she gets a “do”. My siblings and I went back and forth with her as to whether she wanted a big party at my brother’s rooftop deck in midtown Manhattan or something more low key, and my mom, a woman clearly after my own heart, or maybe she created my heart?, anyway, she said she wanted to celebrate with only family at our local Chinese restaurant. And I died of happiness. Double happiness. Get it?!?

Since we are celebrating at a Chinese restaurant, and the food will be family style, I told my parents I would make up a menu card. That way, there wouldn’t be twenty Hannans all yelling over each other, “What’s this?” We can be a loud group. You may not know me personally, but I am loud. It’s genetic. I was born this way. Anyway, hopefully with this little card, we won’t get kicked out. Maybe.

So when Shannon was here last week, we left the boys with the boys and headed to a craft bloggers mecca- The Paper Source. Shannon bought some stuff, and I bought some stuff for the menus, because Shannon has great style and I can’t even pick out menu stuff without her input. If you had a professional party planner staying with you, you’d work it too.  Bottom line: we left poor. And then we went to Anthropologie where I decided to become poorer. You know how it is.

So on Saturday, Kase and I head to New Jersey, which means tonight, I make menu cards. As it happens, the next week happens to also include my dad’s birthday, my sister’s birthday, and a nephew’s birthday party. So there will be lots of celebrating. Lots of birthdays.  SO glad I’m off booze for the next 5 months. Super terrific. But I am super excited to spend time with family and see the little boys go nuts again. Hopefully, not in the restaurant. Can’t make any promises, though. Colin really loves his cousins, despite how the headlocks and general animosity may look. Appearances can be deceiving and all that.

First though, Kase and I have a pretty important appointment tomorrow here in Boston. Then after that is done, we can make our way down to New Jersey. With big smiles on our faces. Perhaps a crick in our necks. A little less money in our bank account, but double happiness splayed across our faces.

More on that later…..

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