The Big C at the Big E

It’s been seven years in the avoiding, but my Western Massachusetts born and bred husband finally managed to drag me and our two year old son to The Big E- or the Eastern States Exposition. For those of you not in New England (because let me tell you, in NJ, we have our own fair and have never heard of the Big E), the Eastern States Exposition or The Big E, as it is called, is basically a state fair. We’re talking fried food, carnival games, amusement rides, livestock,  and tons of stuff being sold, like Sham Wows.

And let me tell you: It  really was awesome. I had my first real corn dog. I had beignets. I got vetoed by the children on securing myself a lobster bisque, but got a taste of Kase’s loaded baked potato. Wait, that sounded grosser than it was supposed to.

Warning: Pregnant Lady with a corn dog. And bags under her eyes.

We got to spend time with good friends and their sweet girls, take the kids on pony rides (Colin: “Yee Haw!” Me: How did he learn that?!”), eat hot dogs larger than our faces, and walk around the grounds until our feet were ready to fall off. And please. Anyplace that combines shopping for crap while I eat cotton candy? Is a winner.

It lasts for 15 more days, so get on it, if you are in the area, or even in Massachusetts or Connecticut or New Hampshire or whatever. Because they have a magical unicorn cow. And you wouldn’t want to miss that.


2 thoughts on “The Big C at the Big E

  1. I was just debating on a trip to the BIG E. I haven’t been in years and last time I went was probably 10 years ago. All I remember was the baked potato and lots of crap for sale. One of which was the sham wow!

  2. Wait, did you say FIRST corndog? How does one survive this long without having a real corndog? I myself, just enjoyed my first of the season…the corndog season if you weren’t sure. They’re at their peak this time of year.

    Lots of cute pics though, so good job on that. And how soon after arriving at your house could I leave to see the unicorn cow without offending you? 5, 6 minutes?

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