Preschool Prep

T minus ten days until Colin starts school. Every few days we receive yet another note from the school, whether that note has a nice little reminder to send them money, or if it is just to tell me how to do drop offs in the morning, I’m getting a little overwhelmed. And then they sent me a note telling me that all of Colin’s clothes and items need to be labeled. As I thought to myself, can he get away with wearing a uniform to preschool so I only label five outfits?, I discovered these:

They are totally customizable iron-on labels from Etsy seller (where else) Lollipop Labels. I got to choose the graphic (had to be a “digger”) font and color. Lifesaver! And she carries a ton of different labels for all sorts of uses, so if you are in need, check it out.  I paid $12 for 100 little labels, which are a perfect size to fit into little shoes. Because shoes need to be labeled, too. Jesusmaryandjoseph.

Now, I just have to find my iron. Or buy an iron. Whatever.


3 thoughts on “Preschool Prep

  1. my guy just started preschool as well…and i ALSO just discovered lollipop labels in my quest for labels on etsy. cute shop! i ordered construction-themed labels too, though haven’t received them yet.

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