Another year older.

Dear Colin,

Where to even start? The other day, your dad and I scrolled through pictures from the last year. To say you’ve changed so much is an understatement. You are truly your own person now. You’ve discovered your independence and your personality is evident in ways we never imagined this time last year. I don’t know if babies change more the first or second year of life. It’s really a toss up.

This year alone you mastered walking, running and runningreallyfast. You jump, you dance and you play hard. You talk a lot, too.  You love to practice your vocabulary and show off your intelligence. Your excitement is contagious and your energy can be quite draining for those of us trying to keep up with you. But again, your infectious enthusiasm just make us laugh and your smile never fails to make me happy beyond words.

You are sweet, caring and kind. You love. You emote. You are quick to wave hello to new friends, hand out hugs and ask for kisses. You love your parents and your dog, “Fen.” You bowl us over with your hugs, and you sweetly bestow upon us kisses that melt our hearts. My favorite conversation is this one: “Mommy? Kisses?” which you say with a sly smile on your lips, as if you know you are irresistible. And when you have gotten your kiss, you say to me “Much!” as in, “Colin, I love you soooo much!”

You have become a strong little character- both physically and mentally. You love to show off your physical prowess, and also love to demonstrate your strong will. You are the embodiment of the most challenging aspects of your dad’s and my personalities, so we can only look at each other and shrug because it makes you undeniably ours. And we love you for it.

It seems to me you knew you were about to hit the big 2. You were preparing yourself to become a big boy. You have become both more cooperative and intensely independent. You have opinions and objections and yet, enthusiasm and excitement to spare.

This coming week you start school, and I am so excited for you to begin that journey. After all, it will be a long (and expensive) one.

This coming year, you will become a big brother. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think you will relish your new role. You, my friend, are a CEO in the making. You are happy to delegate tasks, like making us color for you and telling us which matchbox car to drive in “circles!” I’ll be happy for you to have someone else to boss around. I can only imagine how much you will grow over this next year.

You say “no” more than you say “yes”. You throw fits and you ask for kisses. You hate getting changed, but you love baths. And the biggest head scratcher still: You are blond with hazel eyes.

You are Colin.

Happy Birthday,


Mommy and Daddy

(to read last year’s letter to Colin, click here)

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