Grand Party Central Station

Well, Colin’s second birthday party took place on Saturday. I think it went well. Unlike last year, I didn’t yell at any of the guests and Colin didn’t have a meltdown, and we had a bathroom readily available, so I consider it a success.

I spent most of last week getting the decorations together and setting up the house, which made my Saturday morning quite enjoyable. No, seriously. I got a pedicure and even had my hair blown out just because I didn’t feel like doing it myself. Considering last year I almost missed my own son’s baptism because I was trying to get myself dressed, I figured, hey, one less thing to stress about. So when 2pm rolled around, the house was completely ready, the birthday boy was freshly napped and we were all able to enjoy ourselves. And get pressies!

But of course, first some obligatory close ups of the party. As you may remember, the theme was “Trains, Planes and Automobiles.” I didn’t have to do much scavenging around the house to come up with additional decor, so we supplemented our own stash with lots of tissue paper balls, stolen paint chips and decal stickers and imaginative menu labels. I apologize in advance for the blurry photos, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, and, oh yeah, our camera is broken and so we have to manually adjust all photos. Which is not easy when you are blind.

“My 396th viewing of Cars, which is something, considering I had never seen it before my 1st birthday.”

Goodie bags held a balsa wood glider, a squishy toy, goldfish crackers and a fruit snack from Trader Joe’s. I just used Target gift bags ($1 each) and placed a sticker with each child’s initial on it, so they could claim it easily.

Paper straws were purchased on Etsy from Lollipops & Pussycats.  Amber was great to work with.

Train silhouette cupcake toppers were purchased on Etsy from Two Sugar Babies

When the guests arrived, we even let some of them in. But some, not so much. Because they had a pressie that needed to be opened immediatamente!

“Oh, right. Thanks for coming guys. Food is to your right. Uh, help yourselves.”

Some party guests had to stay outside though. But they had refreshments in the wagon.

It was a wonderful day with friends and family, some of whom traveled pretty far to spend the day with the birthday boy. We are so lucky to have so many people around us who love Colin and are just as enthusiastic about him as we are. This enthusiasm scared the bejeezus out of him as he blew his candle out on his cupcake. He literally jumped backwards as we all screamed “YAY!!!” But it didn’t scare him off too bad, because he said “Fire?” and insisted on blowing out his candle two more times.

Hey, I was just happy he made it to the cake this time. 😉


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