The Maine Attraction

As my out of office message alerted you, last week we were up in Vacationland, also known as Heaven, or as some of you may call it, Maine. Some of you may know, my family has a little cottage just south of Portland that has been in our family since the late 1800’s (and hasn’t been touched much since the 1960’s). It’s a totally special place to us, but like anywhere, it’s not for everyone. But it’s definitely for us.  This year, since my parents were in residence, so to speak, we decided to rent a cottage so we could be there at the same time.

We headed up on Saturday morning, and even though we hit some traffic, it was probably a good thing:

Love how he pulled the hat over his face for his little morning siesta. And then there are the toys- Thomas and the Red Truck. And let us not forget “Big Dog” from IKEA. Do any of your kids do this? Colin has to be holding onto something in both hands OR ELSE!  He goes to bed with no fewer than five or six small toys. And before you lecture me on choking hazards, he loves his cars too much to eat them. He’d eat you first for taking away his cars.

Luckily enough, we also had our best friends from DC join us this year for part of the week. They found the beach just as charming and relaxing as we do, and were awesome house guests to have for the first part of our vacation. My parents helped to welcome them Saturday evening with a proper Maine dinner: Lobsters and Steamers with fresh steamed corn and buttermilk biscuits. Thanks Mom and Dad!  Kase and I did the best we could in the remaining days introducing them to the many fabulous aspects of the beach as well as the surrounding areas, without playing tour guide too much. We definitely hit up the necessities though:

Haylen and I went outlet shopping up in Freeport. Note to self: Hit up J. Crew last. Otherwise, you have spent your shopping budget before you even get anywhere else. Or really, you just feel guilty the rest of the time as you continue to spend money. Maybe that’s just me?

We hit up Linda Bean’s for lunch after our shopping spree. If you’ve never been, do yourself a favor: Order the BOWL of clam chowder. The cup is just that: a liquid measuring cup. Sadsies. It was so delicious. I wanted more. Much more. Like a vat full. There is a reason it has won awards.

We headed home and found this, which was the scene most days:

Colin loved the rental. Lots of places to play cars. Yes, we brought them all. (Thanks to Caroline for gifting Colin the awesome Matchbox Car carrying case- so easy to pack!) He was happy as a clam the whole week long playing cars. I don’t even think we lost any. That we know of.

Colin’s other favorite activity? Looking out at cars. Real ones:

Don’t get it twisted though. Haylen and I weren’t the only ones living it up. Oh no. When we got home from shopping, the boys took off, Road-Runner style. I am pretty sure they left a little cloud of dust in their wake. If not at the cottage, then definitely at this place:

Don’t you think of indoor go-karting, complete with racing suits, when you think of Maine? Duh. Looking good, boys. Looking real good.

Like the awesome tour guides we are, we had to hit up The Lobster Shack to eat lots of fried food. Purely selfless. Let me note: Kase took Justin ALONE after go-karting. They left us ladies home alone to just DIE  from hunger while they stuffed their gullets with Lobster Rolls. We are still working out that betrayal with our therapist. But the very next day, I took Haylen and Justin back. Yeah. Without Kase. HA! Take that! Anyway, if you are looking for a lobster roll, this is the place. If you like fried shrimp (or really, any fried seafood at all) this is the best fried shrimp in all of Maine. Seriously. I’ve done the exhaustive research. Like Linda Bean’s. Just no. Good effort though, Linda.

One small note: After my second trip that week to the Lobster Shack, I was concerned that they may have fried my shrimp in rohypnol. I am pretty sure I was date rape drugged. I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Thank goodness my father was driving us. It was still delicious though. LOVED IT.

Haylen and Justin took off on Tuesday evening, and we spent the rest of our time at the cottage visiting with my parents and watching the Olympics. Because we are patriotic like that. And male swimmers are nice to look at.

On our last day, my mom and I headed to the Beach Craft Fair, which I hit up last year. I scored a sweet hand painted sign for Colin’s big boy room. Oh yeah. And I changed my mind about his room decor. Again. More on that later. But this is going to look sweet:

It was a great week. Lucky me, I am going back on Thursday to spend the weekend with “Pa pa” and “Grandma” while Kase heads to DC for a bachelor party. We are both happy with our respective plans. 😉

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