Baby’s First Concert

Sunday night, Kase and I went to see Coldplay at TD Garden here in Boston. It. Was. Awesome.

We’d been to a Coldplaty concert before, about 4 years ago when they last toured, and I made Kase promise that whenever we had the opportunity we would see them live. And I am so glad we did. They put on one of the best shows ever. And for those of us that sat behind the stage, they made sure we got our money’s worth.  They make sure everyone gets their money’s worth. They are one of the most interactive groups I’ve ever seen perform other than the Wiggles. Who I haven’t actually seen live, but I’ll just make the assumption. Anyway, they just have a good time, and create a very memorable experience for the audience. I was dancing and bellowing at the top of my lungs the entire time. Baby didn’t know what hit it.

Wristbands spontaneously light up the audience

One of many confetti explosions

Oh, hey Chris. Thanks for stopping by.

One funny anecdote: while singing “Warning Signs”, Chris Martin messed up the lyrics. He stopped right away and explained that he had let his mind wander to the Olympics. Since the band is British, it’s quite a big deal to them, you see. But he apologized and promised to get his head in the game:  “F*ck the Olympics!”  Everyone cheered of course, cuz really? Who cares about the Olympics when you are at a concert? He started to sing again, but promptly stopped, and begged us all “Please don’t tweet that I said “F*ck the Olympics. I’ll get in trouble.””

So I didn’t.  I checked to see if anyone else did, and I think we all honored his wishes.

But I had to blog it.


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