Friday Find [Preschool Day, Hooray!]

I just realized in less than a month and a half, I will have a 2 year old (!!) who will be in preschool three days a week. WHAAAA? Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to him heading to preschool, getting the socialization and skills he needs, but I’m still left wondering, “How did this happen?” I’m certainly not old enough to have a 2 year old, let alone one who goes to school. That’s crazy talk.

But he is going to school. And I need to prepare. And I suppose he needs to be prepared too. So I went to my bookstore (also know as and ordered this cute book, “Preschool Day, Hooray!

I decided to order this particular book, because it runs through the day from the child’s point of view, from a hassled and harried mom (I guess that’s supposed to be me?) getting her sweet little boy to school, to greeting his teacher and friends, to the activities throughout the day. It ends with Mom coming to pick up her little guy and a big hug that I will now expect from Colin, as it is clearly detailed in the book.  Anyway, it’s adorable and Colin loves it. He brings it to me at least once a day for us to read together.

It doesn’t hurt that the little boy in the book closely resembles Colin, and I, the harried mom. I am sure that helps Colin wrap his little brain around the whole concept:


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