As Is is much better than As Was.

So I decided it was high time I went to Ikea and showed the amateur masses how it’s done.

Which brings me to our guest room. Until Sunday, our guest room beckoned to our visitors, “We love you. Hope you don’t plan on staying too long!” To that end, we had bought a bed, but nothing else. Given our guest bedroom has seen its fair share of visitors since we moved in last December, it was time to spruce things up a bit. I know this because when my parents came for a visit in May, my mom was sweet enough to purchase a brand new comforter for us, with pillows to boot. Just because. Yeah, because we didn’t have proper linens. Or anything really. I have a ton of throw pillows in every imaginable color, which you will find comes in handy, but apparently, people don’t like to sleep on throw pillows.  The point is, the room was a smathering of this and that, disjointed and yet at the same time, incredibly institutional and cold. Again, we love you, but we sincerely hope you weren’t planning on spending any real time here.

So a trip to Ikea was made. And while I have promised myself that I will never buy another piece of furniture from there, I do love Ikea for its accessories.  The plan was to buy some pillows, maybe a decorative accessory or two and maybe some frames. And trust you me, I did. And then some.

Now my general rule with Ikea is to always stop at As Is first. If you’re lucky enough, you can turn right back around and check out without having to brave the underbelly of Ikea.

Which is where I spotted this:

I’ve been coveting this rug for ages. Apparently, it’s been discontinued.  And yet, there it was, just calling to me, “It’s our last chance, mon amor!”

Colin waited patiently as I hauled it off of its rack and gently folded it in quarters. And then we sang our way to the check out with the rest of our haul. Mostly pillows of course.

The upside of my SADs is I have a little collection of “home crap” that goes unused for months at a time. For a while there, I was really into mustard yellow. And I bought throw pillows with matching throws from Pottery Barn. Go hard or go to Pottery Barn is my motto. And so when I got home from the ‘Kea, I went straight for my throw pillow/random crap linen closet and started pulling things out like a crazy woman.

Which is how we ended up here.

So here’s the deal. I saw a woman on my way through the plant section with this planter, and I thought to myself, I’ve been looking for a basket just like that! And then I realized it was a planter. But I bought it anyway. Cuz I don’t have enough baskets. Right. I’m stupid like that.

Of course, like the master, there is still more to do. I may replace the dressers for the side tables- it feels a little crowded now, but that may be because I’m used to the room being pretty bare bones. Next, we need to raid the basement and open up all those tubs of frames and pictures and start nailing stuff to the walls. I mean, why not? It’s been long enough.


2 thoughts on “As Is is much better than As Was.

  1. love what you have done to this room and i NEED that rug! i absolutely love it. i also must buy that basket/planter thingy, it’s truly genius on your part. you are amazing, enough said (er, written).

  2. When you think of wall art, do paintings, posters and prints fill your head? Don’t let the limited thinking of the past rule how you decorate today. With a little imagination, you can have a room that suits your personality. Anything that can be hung on a nail can be wall art, like old snowshoes, boat oars or skis. It all depends upon the look and feel you want. If you have accessories, like pottery or ceramic figurines that can’t hang on their own, you can include them in your wall art by placing them on a decorative wall shelf.


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