Master Bedroom Re-Do

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we have had in the past three years approximately 82 bedrooms. With this last move, we’ve been watching our bottom line lately, which has meant no new purchases for the house. Been there, done that. A lot. New purchases for Colin? Well, of course. He runs this place. Must make the despot happy at all costs. Literally. Funny enough, new throw pillows don’t do it for him. So no new house stuff for us. For months. Seven long months.

But enough was enough. I’ve waited 7 months longer than in any of our other homes to decorate. Our bedroom? Was sad. I assume prison cells are warmer and cozier than our room.

As you know, I had a little moodboard going. And I had some sweet side tables picked out for the room. But then, as most 31 year old married with children women do, I found myself on Craigslist on Saturday night, just looking around to see what I could find. And then I hit pay dirt: a local listing for two campaign style dressers. For a total cost of $40. Had it not been 10:30 at night, I would have hopped in the car right then and there.

I’m nothing if not in control, so I waited until 10 the next morning. And I brought them home. We had a lot of switcheroo-ing going on yesterday at the house, due to a very successful Ikea trip as well, but I’ll get to that later. In the meantime, this is how things stood yesterday at 3pm:

I believe the word you are looking for is “Yikes.”

Now, please excuse the bad iPhone pics and the lighting. The truth is, our bedroom gets its best light at precisely 5:36am-5:48am.  And during that time, I am sleeping with the shades drawn. Deal with it.

I set up our new dressers, moved out the old white dressers to the guest room, brought in Colin’s glider from his nursery because, well, we paid a pretty penny for it and it’s not being used, and then threw some new pillows on the bed and called it a day, literally.

That right there is $20 well spent.

Just keeping it real and showing you the laundry basket. Had the choice between laundry and redecorating this weekend. So I went to IKEA. With a toddler. By myself. And that should tell you how much I hate doing laundry.

Who steams or irons their linens? Not this girl. And yes, our dog sleeps in bed with us. Again, keeping it real. Real furry.

I’d still like a real headboard, but I haven’t found one I like for three straight months. Seriously, I have about three different virtual shopping carts just ready to “checkout” and have yet to pull the trigger. Throw pillows I can do. But something that I need to keep for a while? That Kase will remember we just bought only last year? I can fool him with pillows, but not so much the bigger things.

Speaking of pillows, you don’t need to ask. Yes, I like that many pillows on my bed. Most days, I even make the bed. With all those pillows. And should you still wonder “Why?” I will answer you the same way I answer Kase: “Because. Now pick up that pillow and hand it to me.”

We still have a ways to go. But trust me, this is a vast improvement. Even Kase remarked that it looked nice. And he usually doesn’t notice these things. Which is why I am going to strike while the iron is hot and tell him we need to start hanging stuff on the walls. We’ve got a wood rectangular mirror that Kase hid somewhere in the house. Maybe over the bed? Hope he can find it.

Tomorrow, I unveil more crappy pictures of the guest room re-do, now featuring leftovers from the Master!  Did someone say “IKEA As Is?” Yeah I did.


7 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Re-Do

  1. Please inspire me to work on our bedroom. We, too need a headboard and I, too can’t pull the trigger. Our room is a disgrace.

    • Greta
      I’m having the silly idea to make my own headboard. Then I can change the fabric up whenever the mood strikes, which I estimate will be about every 5-7 months. Add this potential headboard project to the “Gutter Picnic Table” I want to DIY (before Colin’s party, natch), and we may need to buy some tools. Also, I need to get Kase on board, and then he needs to do it. So I believe neither will ever be done, but its nice to imagine.

  2. Oh sweet sassy molassy, I love it. So SO much, for reals. I can’t believe you got those campaign dressers for so cheap, they look like they are in awesome condition. Do you work the Boston CL? Or is there a smaller town one? Because as soon as I pull up the Philly CL, I want to shoot myself in the eyes. Anyway, tell me about those lamps, I want to go buy them. Targ? They look familiar. And I’m surprised to hear about your glider that you don’t use. Also tell me about bedtime, do you do stories in his room or no? I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU.

    • Shan, Shan, Shan. Of course the lamps are from Target, as are the new linen shades I bought for them. As for CL, I have *never* had the kind of luck other bloggers seem to have, so this was an unprecedented success. I look at Boston Metro West boards, but they don’t always stick to that location. People are tricky sneaky like that. As for the glider, we stopped doing nighttime reading with Colin- he’s just too big now to snuggle together in that glider, all legs and arms akimbo- we usually read books while he’s in the bath, and then we just head run to the bed bed and do “tuckies” which is my ridiculous way of getting Colin excited to get tucked into bed. Also, he sleeps with about 18 small items he collects before getting in, which helps the transition. 😉 When he’s ready he screams “Night night” at me, which is my cue to leave. Which I happily do.

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