Around the World in $500

You may remember that last year, Kase took me on a little weekend getaway to celebrate my 30th birthday. While in New Hampshire, we visited a great vintage store called Just L.  We left with a vintage Smith-Corona and a cute little globe that the manager believed was once part of a board game, though he had yet to discover it. It was a fun conversation where he explained how he could date and identify his finds such as the globe, but there were always unanswered questions about their origins.

Last night I happened to be perusing Etsy as is my wont and lo and behold, look what I stumbled across when searching for “vintage airplane toys”:

Look familiar?

So evidently, my $15 globe is part of some $500 vintage game. If any of you are missing only the globe, I will be happy to sell it to you for $300. That’s a bargain. Really.

One thought on “Around the World in $500

  1. Its a rare and unique game – this was version 1 of it.
    Yours seems to be missing the spinner on the base and the parts.
    I only priced it at 500$ because I don’t really want to sell my full set.
    Your globe is worth 50$-$100 probably less if you don’t have the airplane magnet pieces.

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