When life gives you Tollhouse cookies….

Fine, it should be more like, “When you take a long walk downtown under the guise of getting your child some fresh air, but really, you are headed to Walgreens in the vain hope that they have Tollhouse ready made cookie dough and you pretty much run home and get those puppies right onto a baking sheet and break into a small sweat for the 11 minutes it takes for them to bake” …..but that doesn’t really roll of the tongue.

The point is, when life hands you Tollhouse cookies, you best make yourself some delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches. For realsies.

It’s the summertime people, which means around these here parts? We indulge in ice cream deliciousness. Every night. All day. Every day. So I just happened to have some extra cookies on hand (okay, fine, I deliberately kept them for myself family. Sorry new neighbors. Not. Soon enough you’ll learn I’m selfish. Don’t come over here looking for no cup of sugar). And as I stared at those cookies, I thought, “But self. I kinda want ice cream. I mean, I kinda want cookies, too. But I really want ice cream- WAIT!!!! BY JOVE, I’VE GOT IT!”

And then I made ice cream sammies. And they were awesome.

So here’s what you do. Find some non-janky cookies that are about the same size.

Get your ice cream out of the fridge (what do you mean you don’t already have ice cream in the fridge? BLASPHEME!) and let it get nice and soft. Melty. But not TOO melty. Know what I mean?

Then get your cookie artist on. It’s kinda like being a Subway sandwich artist, but better. Because there’s cookies and ice cream.

Then you can get kinda crazy. You can add SPRINKLES!  More sugar? WHY NOT? Live a little.

Then you eat that sucker FAST. Because it’s hot and it’s melting. Duh. Not because you have no self control and are already making yourself another one and need your other hand to do so.

Now that I think of it, this was a bad idea. A very bad idea. Sorry, just forget we ever talked about this.


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