Howdy, Neighbor!

Our new neighbors moved in while we were away in Nantucket. I remember when we moved in, our sweet 87 year old neighbor stopped by with gingerbread cookies as a way of introduction. It was such a sweet gesture, so I knew I wanted to do something similar for our new neighbors.

As any mom knows, a trip to the craft store, grocery store and a quick side trip to a Target or Wal Mart isn’t always possible, so I had to use what I had on hand. Luckily, I have a lot of crap just hanging around the house. Not as much as some other bloggers, but I’ve got some basics. Would I have preferred a burlap and twine accouterment? Sure. But I also appreciated not having to plop the kid into his car seat and take a 25 minute jaunt to pick up supplies.

I used a mason jar (I ordered a case of these just hoping I would find some craftastic use for them….and here we are), some Martha Stewart paper tape leftover and baker’s twine leftover from wrapping Christmas presents, and I repurposed a striped candy bag from Colin’s first birthday party.

I put together the mason jar with the candy bag and covered the top with the paper tape to provide a little contrast, layered some baker’s twine around the cap and added a little note:

And finally, I popped some Tollhouse Cookie break and bake into the oven and then loaded the jar with “homemade” cookies, Kate-style. 😉 In my humble opinion, Tollhouse is the best. And sure, I could bake it from scratch, but the ready made dough is quite tasty delicious, so why fix what’s not broken. Also, when I want cookies, I want them. YESTERDAY. I know you feel me on that.

I brought them over last night and got a chance to meet our sweet new neighbors. They really are lovely and I am happy to have introduced myself and Colin.

Have you ever welcomed new neighbors? Or is this becoming a thing of the past?  That would be a shame really. Everyone loves cookies, right?


2 thoughts on “Howdy, Neighbor!

  1. We are the newest people in our neighborhood, but I definitely would want to bring something over as a little welcome gift to a new neighbor. We are firendly with all of our immediate surrounding neighbors but when we moved in only one neighbor brought something over. She wasn’e even our very next door neighbor she lived a few hosues down. It was store bought cake that said Welcome on it and she brought it over about 3 weeks after we moved in. She said she was embarrassed she didn’t come sooner but we tought it was the nicest thing. Whatever happned to the welcome wagon? And yes everyone loves cookies, i think your gift is adorable and thoughtful.

  2. That’s super sweet! I definitely would bring over a little treat or something if I weren’t the newest person in the neighborhood. That being said, we’ve only met one of our neighbors and we moved in almost a month ago now, so I’m not sure if everyone’s living this mantra! I agree with the comment above – whatever happened to the welcome wagon?

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