Pinterest Inspired Look for Less

It must be that time again. Seasons are changing or the stars are aligned a certain way. It’s time….to redecorate!

I used to blame SADs for this. But now I can add Pinterest to that equation. All I know is, it’s not my fault and I have no control over it.  In addition, since moving to our house back in December, I have done absolutely nothing to the bedroom, save for hanging two mirrors I got at Terrain during the Always Crafty weekend. Other than that? Nothing. Which means my bedroom is a sad sad place. It’s plain and boring and I hate it.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me show you a picture making the rounds on Pinterest that has piqued my redecoration bug.

Well, isn’t that just lovely? One of the items on my list of things to do is to incorporate a little more natural and dark wood into our house. We bought a lot of white furniture for our pad in Boston since it was tiny tiny tiny and white furniture helps to make a space feel light and airy and spacious. But now we have that elusive space, and that apartment/condo sized furniture we have is not cutting it size wise. Or style wise. Best to start out in the space where I spend most of my free time. My bedroom really is my haven- often I head there right after putting Colin to bed. I love to sit in bed and read my Kindle and just enjoy the silence. I do this all while wearing blinders like a race horse, because if I look too hard at my surroundings, I start going through the drawers looking for razor blades. Kidding. Kind of. Not really.

So I sourced this room online. It was easy enough. And not too pricey either!  Check it out:

Sheers/ Side table/ Lamp/ Linens/ Quilt/ Frames/ Mirrored Dresser Tray

Sheers for $4.99? A sweet pedestal table for under $50? And a crystal lamp look a like for under $30? This whole scheme can be redone for under $250. I think that it’s only fair that if Colin gets a new room, I should, too.

So tell me, would you find this room to be a restful retreat?


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