These are a few of our favorite Apps….

When the dog bites, when the kid screams, when I’m feeling tired, I simply pull out the family iPad and let Colin loose. He has learned a lot from these, which is surprising to me, and they hold his attention and require a fair level of interaction in a way that Super Why just doesn’t.  Here are a few of our favorite Apps for the 22 month set (and younger). Check them out if you’re looking for some new apps!

1. Peekaboo HD. 2. Baby Touch Peekaboo* 3. Baby Touch Happy Babies* 4. Peekaboo Barn 5. Baby Aquarium (Letters and Numbers)  6.  Interactive Alphabet  7. Letter School 8. Little Fox Music Studio** 9. Nursery Jams

(not numbered:)

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

My Very First App

*Colin’s very first apps. He started using these well before he was 10 months old.

** Colin’s new favorite. You gotta check this one out.


One thought on “These are a few of our favorite Apps….

  1. This is a great listing. I will have to steal some of these idea for my daughter (13-months). Right now her favorite is Elmo’s ABCs….it’s all she wants to do!

    I found you via Shannanigans – I will be hanging out during the Always Bloggy meet up in Boston!

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