I was the girl in Nantucket.

And it was fabulous. I really loved it. Well, I loved it from the moment we stepped off the ferry. The ferry ride itself? Let’s just say Colin was notorious on the island that week. We were literally stopped at the grocery store by a kind gentleman who thought it would be funny to comment “Well! Isn’t it nice to see you not crying for once!” Yup, we were those people. But Colin loved Nantucket. We just had to get there first.

On our first full day, Sunday, Kase let me loose on the town while he and Colin napped. It. Was. Heaven. I browsed at a leisurely pace. I didn’t once say “Shhh, almost done!”  and I didn’t have to bribe anyone. But I did reward myself. Cuz I’m awesome and I behaved really well.

We took our time exploring the island and eventually even found some beaches! Not at all what we are used to, but I loved how private and secluded they were.

Even the sea shells were picture perfect:

On Tuesday, my husband turned 33. He’s way old. I would even venture to say “middle aged” 😉 I brought home some DowneyFlake donuts and later we visited Bartlett’s Farm, where I got us some blueberry pie. My man’s favorites. Both were darn tasty.

After breakfast, we headed into town so I could attend a book signing by Elin Hilderbrand. Have you ever read any of her books? I have to admit, I had seen her books, but had never read them. Turns out, they all take place in Nantucket, since that is where the author lives. I had already read one book by the time Tuesday rolled around. Good beach reading. In other news, I’m pale.

Speaking of beaches, we headed to Children’s beach that day. It’s a sweet little spot of sand right on the boat basin, and has a great park behind it with a band shell and playground. Colin loved it. He really loved running through puddles on the sidewalk. We don’t have those here. Have to take advantage of those sidewalk puddles when we can. Lord.

Monomoy Beach:

Overall, it was just a great week away and just what all three of us needed. Now the countdown begins to our last vacation in August up in Maine. Yup, we’re lucky ducks!

Have you ever been to Nantucket? Didja just love it?


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