We’re baaack!

Not just me, Kase and Colin. We’re back, too. We had a great time in Nantucket. I’ll fill you in later. This is more important. This is news. BIG NEWS.

That’s right. The Always Bloggy Meet Up is back for it’s second year in a row.   And because my pally Shannon knows that my laziness knows no bounds, she agreed to have it here in my backyard- Boston! To quote the always eloquent Heather from Real Housewives of New York, “Holla!”

Now, if y0u missed out last year, then sucks to be you. Seriously. I made some awesome real life friends. Yeah, we just call each other friends now. Not that whole mouthful- “my blog-friend-turned-real-life-friend-and-not-organ-harvester-blogger-stranger-danger.”  Cuz that? That’s just awkward. And I barely even remind them that I was afraid they might harvest my organs. Cuz we’re friends. And friends don’t call friends organ harvesters. It’s just not done.

So I think I’ve made my point that we are not organ harvesters. Or dangerous strangers. We are just people who have too much time on our hands (ha, right), who devote too much energy recreating Pinterest recipes, and who overuse Instagram. And maybe we tweet too much, too. Hard to say though, because I constantly tweet out gems. Gems, people!

In a nutshell? We’re just like you.

Soooo…..wanna meet?

PS- for all you eagle eyed people out there- yes, this is the same day as Kase and my fifth wedding anniversary. Which goes to show, I married well. Also, fifth anniversary is wood. So feel free to bring a wood related pressie. I’ll happily accept stranger danger pressies. I’m gracious like that.


I love it when internet friends tell me what's what. Leave a comment!

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