Brass Monkey, er, Mirror

So I’ve been on the hunt to incorporate more metals and textures throughout the house. I love how layered it can make a room look, and how the lived in look it can create for a home.

I love the look of antiqued gold, and after purchasing some starburst mirrors for the living room, I decided that I needed to weave in the color throughout the house if I could. But let me tell you something. It’s very hard to find clean lines paired with a gold leaf at a good price. Especially when it comes to mirrors.

I’ve always loved the Ikea Grundtal mirror– it’s a round stainless steel mirror you can find in the bathroom section. Yup. The bathroom section. It’s bare bones, minimalist chic. And more importantly, it’s cheap. $39 to be exact.

The important thing is it has the clean lines and shape I was looking for. The only issue was it was steel. Nothing a little spray paint can’t fix.

This is the before:

I started by taping off the mirror, underneath the lip of the frame (this is important, because there is plenty of space between the lip of the frame and mirror).

Then I took newspaper and continued to tape off the mirror to protect it from the spray paint.

After lightly sanding the stainless steel with a fine grit paper (you can also use a steel wool pad, like a brillo pad), we primed the frame using Zinsser primer.

And then of course, it was time to spray paint- I used two small cans of Krylon Short Cuts in Gold.

Et Voila!

I decided to dress up the table a bit, since we are beginning to see the dining room as more than just a pass through now. Strange.

And I’ve got another idea up my sleeve for this space.  More tomorrow!


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